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Since Socktober is for socks it is also about sock yarns scraps.
Over at straying power you can find a new 'send-yarn-to-someone-and-get-something-back-in-return' initiative. This time it is about scraps. Woohoo, a swap. A Sock Scrap Swap!
So in case you were wondering what to do with all the left-overs from all the socks you knit in Socktober, go there and join in.

On another topic: One of my viligant readers came up with a question. Due to almost miss-marple-esque investigation she discovered the discrepancy between the objects I talk about and the objects listed in the sidebar. Well, [cough, cough] somebody as touched a sore spot there. Time to keep you updated:

The Clapotis was almost done when I ran out of yarn on the last edge. I had to rip back to the straight part and shortened her about one pattern repeat. Then I put on the most beautiful stitch markers in the world.. and lost a little bit the interest of finishing it. But I will certainly do.

The Himalaya socks are desperate. They were meant to use up left overs but I ran out of yarn again. Just before finishing the second toe. I ask you, baby socks! I'm not in the mood to buy a new skein and thought about an alternive colour for the toes. but then I would have to rip the first sock's toe. And I just didn't do so far.

The Not-foget-Dublin-socks do not behave as their name suggest. They have been kind of forgotten, partly due to the fact that I knit them with 2mm needles - and - they are too big. They... as if I had two already. I turned the heel on one and, well, put it aside for a while. Waiting for my feet to swell or something.

Finally, the Lacy Scallop socks. The yarn and pattern is fun. But it wasn't a good idea to continue the pattern on the foot. So I stopped, 'borrowed' the needles for another project and are full of intention to finish them with plain feet.

Now you know. Thank you, Wanda, for keeping me on track. You are so right, blogging should prevent UFO's - and I will be very careful, which projects I'm going to show here in the future ;-)

But what about this one:
Norwegian mitten
A Norwegian mitten I started last winter and 'never' finished. Fortunately, nona was calling for a knit along in order to pamper the knitter's hard-working hands. So, if you are thinking about knitting anything glove-alike this winter you should go over and drop her a line.

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Wanda sagði...

Thanks for the info on the sock scrap swap, I may have to look into that one. Lord knows what else I would do with all these sock scraps. Although I have thought about doing the 6SoxKAL Stashbuster socks. That's so sad that you ran out of yarn.

I wasn't trying to call you out on the projects, I just noticed them on the sidebar and thought I hadn't seen anything on any of these projects in a while. I need to do one of those progress bars too.

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anywhere_Smile sagði...

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