mánudagur, maí 15, 2006


Ottawa socks

Pattern: my own
Yarn:.... Regia Canadian Fashion colour 4733, 'Ottawa'
Needles: 2,25 mm dpn rosewood

These socks are rather short, with a twisted ribbing cuff, a short row heel and a simple left side/right side leaning decrease toe. Really nothing special except for the colourway. Hurray for the Canadian colours! The colour combination is often somewhat unexpected, nontheless nice and the long stripe repeats are just enough for my short term memory to gorget what comes next. Very entertaining.
I tried to find the inspiration behind the colour combination as I did so successfully for Vancouver (and mama-of-purl even better for Alberta!) but...
Hey, anybody from Ottawa? Is the thing you want to show off most really the Hard Rock Café? It is really prominent in the search results for Ottawa and somehow the only thing that matches the colour other than this 'typical' white water rafter. (I'll spare you the burgers, fries and mustard!)
Ottawa Hard Rock CaféOttawa rafter

I still like the colours, though. On the plus side: After knitting the brown stripes, I am longing for a knit project in chocolate! Well... chocolate coloured yarn. It ill not be socks. It might be a sweater or top. We'll see.
And because the hunt on nature inspiration was so dissappointing this time, I'll leave you with a quote on one of the dominant colours.
There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.
Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)

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amanda sagði...

I love the colors in the socks! You know, when I was visiting Ottawa I ate at that Hard Rock cafe. It is much bigger than the one in New Orleans. Other than that I don't much about Hard Rock cafe as it isn't my style but when you're with a group with eclectic tastes it was a safe bet. That and the hamburgers are huge!

Mia sagði...

Actually, that is not a photo of a white water rafter. That is a photo of a white water play boater doing an ender. Or in other words for those who aren't part of the scene, a kayaker! A raft is big and a kayakay has a pointy end and only holds a single person. (Okay a white water kayak only holds 1 person.)

But the sock is pretty!!!!

nona sagði...

Great colors in those socks. Chocolate brown is the new "black"!

Leah sagði...

Cute socks! I love the colors!

I'm seeing brown all over the place!

jess sagði...

I LOVE the socks! :)

Julia sagði...

Hey, we even finished our socks the same day! Those are sister cites now:-)
My pattern is essentially the same, too, with a rather short cuff and a short-row heel!
Haven't posted pix yet, but I will in a few minutes.

katie sagði...

That is a fun colorway, despite it's lack of connection to Ottawa. And I'm looking forward to see what you find in the way of chocolate colored yarn. I need to make a chocolate colored scarf for my grandma for next Christmas, so maybe you'll have some good ideas.

amanda cathleen sagði...

Super cute socks! Have to say, I love the little bit of light brown on the heel! : D

Joanne sagði...

My hometown is 2 hours from Ottawa, and I went to college in Ottawa.

After seeing your socks, I had to order the yarn, but I, too, am at a loss as to why these colours represent the city. Gee, you'd think that since Ottawa is Canada's capital, the colors would be red and white.

I'm surprised about the Hard Rock. I would have expected to see more pictures of the Parliament Buildings, Rideau Canal, Prime Minister's residence, Byward Market, etc.

And, I notice, too, that there is a lack of east coast or far north cities or provinces represented in the yarn line. Maybe they'll come later.

I also ordered Calgary... and the colour is pretty close to the professional hockey team's sweaters.

Joanne sagði...

Me again... I think I know where the inspiration for the Ottawa colours came from.. it just occurred to me: Autumn.

So, I did a web search to find a good picture of the fall colors in the Ottawa area and came up with this site with excellent pictures:


Looking at those pictures is making me a little homesick!

Beth S. sagði...

Those are very cool socks! Yellow is a difficult color, but it works really well with the other colors in that yarn. Especially the chocolate brown! :-)

The_Add_Knitter sagði...

Love the brown stripes! Once again Canada trumps in the style department...