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Ask for an inch and get a mile...

To explain my post from yesterday:
I've managed coming to my senses by now. (Senses.. I mean merely my normal condition, not much sense here most of the time anyway.)

What do we have there on the strange greyish Granny square blanket? (not my creation by the way)
You are all familiar with the secret pal thing, aren't you? Let me tell you, I honestly have the one and only real secret pal. This package full of knitting goodies hit me completely unexpected. That's how it started: I was whinging about being unable to find a row counter in this f$%#*g country the other day.
You out there, yes, you, dear reader, for sure belong to a very special kind of nice, warmhearted, caring, creative and simply good people. I feel honoured that you pop in for reading my blog.
What is more, one of you was so sympathetic to interpret my lament as a cry for help. ;-) And so I received the generous offer to have a row counter send to me from far, far away. I was thunderstrucked. But it didn't stop here!
As revealed in the previous post, I got a whole parcel! It contains - of course - the row counter. Great! The funny rattling sound was explained by a little container full of very pretty self-made stitch markers. And as if this wouldn't be enough, there was wool in it! Two skeins of Wildfoote sock yarn, a brand I have never even heard of before, but like immediatly very much. I cannot wait to have my sock needles free to cast on.
Why am I telling you? Not to make you jealous... For once, I want to praise the generous giver and express my gratitude. In addition, I want to remind you all, that selfless giving is such a good deed, in fact the best of all. It hits you completely by surprise and you are filled up with swirling emotions: Gratitude (I mentioned this one before...), disbelieve (why me!?), and a little bit of guilt (that's probably one of the reasons I'm writing such a sermon here). I try to mingle my way out of this by allowing myself to accept. What means as well the gift as also the fact that I can NEVER make it up to the person who gave first. It would always be (by definition) a making-it-up but never match the generous, unexpected initial act. What I can do, however, is bear this friendly gesture in my mind and, wherever possible, to pass it on. In conclusion, without pushing it too hard: making the world a better place.
Thank you, Jenn, for putting this idea fresh into my mind!

I want to conclude with a picture of the so-cute-and-completely-my-style stitch markers (go over and check out the many more amazing models she makes, professional, for sale!)

Jenn's fabulous stitch markers

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