miðvikudagur, október 12, 2005


Thank you all so much for voting on the colour for Eris!
The winner is barnred:

Eris barnredEris cinnemonEris chocolateEris slate
I can still use one of the other colours for Rogue. No problem if I can't decide again then, because after all - is anyone in doubt that the girl from auntie will just present another lovely design, long before I finish Eris?!
Talking about winners... this would have been a superb possibility for a contest. Since I enjoy them so much, I shouldn't have missed the chance to host one myself. However, I will keep this in mind and come up with a real one some day.

Otherwise, nothing much is happening around here.
An attempt to knit lazily while watching TV failed when I was watching the first episode of the 2nd season of Lost yesterday. How thrilling! Couldn't concentrate on my needles at all!
I also had the idea to cherish my socks in Socktober by taking them to work. [Hang on - that's your understanding of spoiling someone - take him/her to work!?] Right, completely selfish. They should have made my lunch break more enjoyable, though there is hardly any. My pay is more 'project orientated' than based on working hours so I usually try to hurry things up. But now, it's all about celebrating socks and I thought they might like a change of atmosphere. It felt really odd to knit there and no positive statements from my socks, so I'm not sure if I'm doing this again.

AuaQuite the same: the idea to knit on the busride home was.. well.. not the best I had lately. Take bumpy roads and a testosterone-bus driver and - Ouch! - my already splintering bamboo needle split my finger. Yeah, that's me, whimpering on about something that has to be marked with a huge arrow.
Amble socks SixSox
Last I will give you a picture of the Amble socks which are almost finished. They only need one more toe and then grafting.. uh.. that's the hardest part.

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Jenn sagði...

Your Amble socks look great! So I have to ask, what do you do for work. I run around after a 4 year old, a 2 year old, and an 8 month old for my work :-)

Laura sagði...

I found your blog through Alison's -- nice socks she made you! Your Amble socks look great. Looking forward to a close-up!

Wanda sagði...

Yay for amble, almost done! Checking out your works in progress, what's happening with these other socks lingering on the sidebar, as well as the clapotis? I haven't seen any posts about this one. I plan on starting a clapotis soon as well as making some progress on Eris, one of these days!