mánudagur, maí 09, 2005


Nationcolor Deutschland socks

Pattern: my own
Yarn: Regia Nation Color (Schachenmayr), 5397 (German/Belgian national colour)
Needles: 2,5 mm dpn bamboo

I made these socks as a tribute to the European Football Championship in 2004. The pattern is plain and simple for

a) to actually watch the games while knitting
b) to use in hiking boots
It has been incredible fun to make them surrounded by serious football fans - almost sucked into the TV - which couldn't simply believe! They were ment to be a price for the winner in some bedding group, but no-one except me appeared to appreciate knitted socks.
Now they come in handy for hiking and are always fun to turn down startled looks or raised eyebrows on the camping site.
- Hiking with handknitted socks? (for non-hikers: one should use functional socks)
- Uh.. only because they resemble the German flag.
This is an answer that really seems to strike people by surprise. So funny.

3 ummæli:

alison sagði...

Love those socks! I may have to make a pair like that for my German hubby when the WM starts in 06.

laptitelili sagði...

Great! Il will make a pair with the French colors ^_^

Me sagði...

Great socks! Good idea to use them for hiking! Especially abroad! And I will definitely knit some for the WM, maybe also some French ones. Good thing Regia still carries the colors!