mánudagur, ágúst 29, 2005

Eeny meeny miny moe...

How bizarre is it not to post though you have plenty of time?
Let me explain: I finally sat my last exam (for this summer) last friday. And then.... nothing. You know this kind of idle running in the brain? No stress, no occupations, only weekend and loads of spare time.
The idea was of course to relax, knit, read (fun stuff!), watch videos or something like that. You've got the first hint in this list: so many postponed leisure activities that it looks like stress again. Sigh!

Mindless knitting
It is soo hard to decide which project to work on!
  1. almost finished Cordelia anklets (need weaving in ends)
  2. almost finished Sockapla-2-za socks (need weaving in ends)
  3. unfinished first Lacy Scallops Sock
  4. just begun SixSox Knitalong Amble sock
The Lacy Scallops sock is a bit of a pain in the a... I'm not talking about the knitting, the pattern is fun. I'm not talking about the colours, they simply rock. But after turning the heel it just doesn't feel right anymore. The tension on the foot is different from that on the leg. And the fit at all.. [grump] Better put it aside for some while and wait for inspiration, right?

The Cordelia socks are great. What a "fun and fast" project, completely mindless knitting during my exam reading. I only regret that I almost didn't realize the fun striping effect while knitting blind.
Pattern: Commonsense toe-up, short-row-heel anklet pattern ending in a picot edge cuff
Yarn: Meilenweit Cotton Ringel (Lana Grossa)
Needles: 2,5 mm dpn bamboo
Cordelia heel
Suzanne asked about the short row heel. That's why I tried to put up a picture on it. See the dandelion? Clear and crisp? But not the heel? Please accept my apologies... I'm not even capable of taking a half-decent picture of my heel! What you might possible see is that there are a lot of holes. Huh? I don't know why this is, must be the cotton yarn. I don't mind them in this project, the whole sock/anklet is rather airy. And can't be my technique, I promise there are no holes in wool socks ;-)

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Wanda sagði...

It could just be the short row heel wraps that are causing the holes? When I did short row bust darts in another pattern, not for socks obviously, it caused little holes, but I was told once I blocked it, it should be fine. I've heard that the Japanese short-row techniques doesn't cause holes, but I can't vouch for it personally.