mánudagur, apríl 03, 2006


I do not post to often these days but apparently I have a good excuse: I'm knitting instead!
See, another pair of socks done!

Jaywalker in LL's Bittersweet
Pattern: Jaywalker from Grumperina, bigger size (CO 84 st)
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Socks, bittersweet
Needles: 2.5 mm dpn, bamboo

Wait... Underestimating the chilly wind, I discovered a new way of blocking! Freezing socks in form!
Jaywalker in LL's Bittersweet
As you can see, they do fit. [Dear sock pal, if you see this picture, don't worry! I do NOT have duck feet! Don't adjust your pattern in accordance to this picture. I am about to attend a class on how to use my digital cam. It's about time..] Knitting with LL's was great. The yarn is incredibly soft, forgiving, has a nice stitch texture and such a beautiful shine. Moreover, the bittersweet colourway is gorgeous! They even sizzles a bit but most of all they are a late contribution to this
Project Spectrum March colours red&pink
Even obstacles in the knitting process only make one stronger. For me, I learned that I cannot only save one or two dropped or wrong-way cabled stitches but drop the stitches of an entire needle for a re-do. Very nice.
Jaywalker in LL's Bittersweet

Another one? I know you want it. Look at the little sheep that not in the slightest fullfil any other purpose here than posing in all their cuteness. [mouse-over for close-up]

If you don't know these cute stitch markers already then go here. Katie was very busy designing unnaturally coloured sheep this time (well.. talking about the green one above) and started a Project Spectrum Sheep Club. Meaning, you will get a sheep in each month's colour if you join. Fabulous idea!

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Ashley sagði...

Gorgeous. That colorway is glorious--I've sworn off multicolored Lorna's but I might change my mind for Bittersweet :)

katie sagði...

I am still laughing at the socksicle! I am jealous of my little sheep for getting to spend so much time with those lovely colors.

Rachel sagði...

Isn't Lorna's Laces a wonderful sock yarn? The Bittersweet colorway worked out perfectly for your Jaywalkers. I hope there is more LL in the stash for future socks!

kris sagði...

ack, so beautiful! look at those colours!

Steph sagði...

When I first saw the picture I thought, how did she do that, it looks like it's frozen! Great colorway, and I love your red Pomi socks too.

Beth S. sagði...

I want to be your sock pal. :-) Those are SO pretty!

amanda sagði...

Pretty pretty socks. I love the frozen sock! The Princess was amazed that you could get a sock to stick straight up in the air...I'll not burst her bubble and tell it was frozen. And I'm off to check out Katie's sheep...

Carrie sagði...

Nice Jaywalkers!!!