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I'm a winner! You need some explanation for this outcry? Here you go.
Long time ago, Amanda had the terrific idea of giving previously unnoticed and anonymous world wide travelling yarn a worthwhile setting: Yarn Aboard! It didn't stop there and in inconceivable dimensions a second round was hosted. Yarn Aboard II. I am still amazed about all the creativity, enthusiasm but also hard work and cold cash Amanda was willing to spend on this project. Thank you, Amanda! I enjoyed this yarn exchange so very much. And it still makes me smile when I stumble across one of the names of the discoverers and find myself associating their name with boxes full of yarn and goodies instead of "discoveries".
However, no exchange without participants, so big thanks go out to everyone who joined in! And before this starts to sound like the Oscars, I'll better keep it short.

Leif coming home
There was a contest involved and I want to say Thank you to everybody who voted for my Leif Eriksson post. Taking the Leif-box out on one of the iciest and stormiest days I recall from last winter on this photo trip earned me - in your eyes and thanks to Amanda's generosity - a gift certificate from Scout's Swag. Yippieh!

In case you wonder what happened to the content of the Leif-parcel. Well, sooner or later sock yarn turns into socks! (and you know where the chocolate usually makes it reappearance) Phoebe had sent me among other lovely goodies two skeins of long anticipated fabulous Koigu yarn in a beautiful semi-solid grey silver.

Nautilus socks in Koigu

Pattern:..Nautilus by Anna Bell from My fashionable Life
Yarn:.... .Koigu KPM, colourway "grey" (lost the label, sorry)
Needles:.2,0 mm dpn rosewood

What can I say? The Koigu yarn, not at least in its fascinating greyish non-colour-silver-shininess, is definitely a winner. In our short love affair it presented itself not quite as springy as e.g. STR but instead "crispier" in texture. The pattern was a delight to knit, catchy with a little twist, not your Planet Earth kind of knit, but simple enough for any other sort of TV programme.
In spite of lacking evidence on the picture, I assure you, I completed two socks. Sort of impractical to duplicate socks in a mirror for the purpose of wearing them. There is a good reason why I cannot take any other pictures at the moment, (most likely to be revealed in the next post) and therefore I give you a detail shot of the sip (sock in progress) from back in December, proving how very cosy they are.
Thank you again, Phoebe!
Nautilus socks in progress

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canknitian sagði...

I'm so glad you were one of the winners!

I'm curious about your news and standing by for the next post. :)

knittingphilistine sagði...

Beautiful socks!!

Emily sagði...

Those are really pretty! Congratulations to Lief! Can I call him Lief? I wonder if he minds being on a first name basis...

Ramona sagði...

Congratulations on your win and your socks are lovely!

Teyani sagði...

love the last photo with the kitty nose

Wanda sagði...

Hmm, I had a feeling as to what the surprise might be . . .Lovely lacy socks too.