fimmtudagur, október 12, 2006

Socktober, first pair

As everybody knows it's Socktober again!
I already have one finished pair to register - yippie (and the Toasty Toes socks are coming soon.)

Peppermint coloured Trekking socks
[See how I am desperately trying to make use of my new tripod?]

Pattern: my own, simple 2K2P ribbing short-row heels and toes
Yarn:.... Trekking, Atelier Zitron, colour 99
Needles: 2 and 2,5 mm dpn bamboo

These socks have been a field for experiments. I usually knit Trekking on 2,25 mm needles but this time chose 2 mm for the feet and 2,5 for the upper part of the cuff. It felt odd to knit the ribbing on bigger needles - and it does not make too much sense I have to admit. Probably active cuff shaping would be wiser. Next time. Also, I knitted them cuff-down despite my fear of doing so when using a single skein. And it was really close in the end. With shaking hands I measured the left-overs: less than three metres.
This pair is my first with short row heels AND toes. The grafting part of the toes was a delight. It is amzing how perfect aka seamless the socks look. I will definitely do a short row toe again. Not so sure about the heel, though. As you can see on the picture it does not fit perfectly. I like the ability to adjust the sock measurements to my instep when doing a heel flap.
Concluding words: I love the rather unusual colour combination and I still love Trekking yarn. Fun!

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Dave sagði...

I like the colours in those socks -- very nice!

You can adjust the fit of a short row heel ... somewhat ... by using more or fewer stitches for the heel and by leaving more or fewer unworked in the middle. They do seem to take a bit more playing around than the flap types.

Rebecca sagði...

What did you find to be the best reference on short row toes? I'd like to try them out one of these days.

Sigga Sif sagði...

Welcome back! Cute socks!

I agree about the short row heel, I was not too impressed myself. I however am really interested in trying a short row toe. I think it will be the answer to all my problems with toes. I'm glad to hear you liked it so much. It feeds my hope.

Wanda sagði...

I like the heel flap better than short row heel. I think it's too short for my heel, but that's a personal preference for me. How long did you make the socks? I've made socks out of Trekking and still had plenty of yarn and I wear a US10 shoe, although my cuff is usually 5-6 inches in length. In european size, I think my shoe size is a 42? I usually have plenty of yarn leftover?