miðvikudagur, ágúst 03, 2005

My bad news are good for you, sockpal!

Slightly bad news for me today. I was saving a number of holidays this year to be able to take appr. 10 days off this summer. My clever plan was to stretch out the stress of my very tight schedule of full work and full study. Therefore I signed in for a number of summer exams this August. Unfortunately, I won't get days off now. This is really a blow. You can probably imagine, how it feels to realize to be finally short of estimated 80-100 reading hours! Now I have to squeeze all these reading hours into the nights, after work. Great! This will most likely mean that I have to abandon knitting for some while, or at least reduce severely.
Seawead Lace Socks
This leads to the good news, of course: Due to time pressure I have finally started the sockapal-2za socks. I decided to use the green/yellow/blue Meilenweit yarn and found a very nice pattern over at sockbug, called the Lacy Scallops Socks. So far the pattern looks fine for transporting the idea of seaweed. We'll see.

And while I am reading and learning and won't have to post something the next days (weeks?), you might want to listen to a short documentary featuring the Icelandic sheep (and forrest), I found on BBC worldwide.
[This program is only available for seven days on their homepage, but you can also download it here, 6,9 MB, ~22 minutes]

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