þriðjudagur, maí 10, 2005

Retro-Rib Socks

Retro-Rib socks

Pattern: Retro-Rib Socks by Evelyn Clark
(in InterweaveKnits Winter 2004)
Yarn: Regia silk (Schachenmayr)
Needles: 2,5 mm dpn bamboo

Absolutely fabulous socks, I adore them. The pattern is much fun to knit and very simply to remember. I tried it first on smaller needles, which actually gives a better structure. But the gauge didn't fit and the pattern demands for a 8-sequel. Oh, and I changed the CO since I don't like one k/one p ribbings.
Regia silk rocks! This yarn is so soft and shiny that I definetly have to get more. Too sad that it is only available in tedious colourways.

Hey, my grandma would always reject these dreadful orthopaedic shoes because of their colour.
Yes, exactly...

Mr or Mrs Schachenmayr, more courage, more colour - pleeeeaase!

2 ummæli:

alison sagði...

Oooooh, love the retro ribs with a little picot edge. Even prettier than the original.

Katie sagði...

Your retro ribs look great.