föstudagur, júní 30, 2006

Hand-knitted vs hand-made socks...

Trekking socks, self-dyed with Kool-Aid - and with cat
[Mmmh? She is taking pictures...]

Trekking socks, self-dyed with Kool-Aid - and with cat
[...of socks! How exciting...]

Pattern: My very own boring 2K2P rib. Toe-up, short row heel
Yarn:......Trekking XXL, dyed with Kool-Aid
Needles: 2,5 mm dpn bamboo

Nothing exciting except for the fact that I dyed the yarn MYSELF - woohoo!
The Trekking yarn came in a 100 g skein and I somehow managed to wrap it the wrong way. (Don't look at me like this!)
The result was green, blue, purple stripes in one half of the skein, and blue, blue, purple stripes on the other. What am I supposed to do? Knit two different socks? Well, this girl knows how to split a yarn: two green stripy feet for me.

My appologies for the bad light but unfortunately - no blue skies!

5 ummæli:

Wanda sagði...

The socks look great! I love it. Was the Trekking undyed, or did you overdye it? I love the colors. Very kicky!

Judy sagði...

Great socks, and I LOVE the kitten pictures with them. :-)

amanda sagði...

I didn't know you could buy undyed Trekking. Very cool and I think your socks look great! Hi kitty :o)

polly sagði...

Great job with the Kool-Aid dyed socks! Love those colors!

Kelly sagði...

fabby socks! lol your cat is too cute!