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No more mercy but more socks

Fishing in þingvellir

Ha, here you have it. Last post dealt with the concerns about whale hunting and appropiate goldfish care - today it's fishing!
Okay, I actually have to admit that it is fun. Especially, if the fish is not really joining into the game and as a result nobody gets hurt. Not a single one sacrificed itself! As a result, we spent a nice evening outdoors, being more or less busy with "Würmer baden" (lit. bathing worms) as my father would call it. He is very contemptuos of angling and doesn't care for the art of fly fishing (remember Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It?)

Flame socksBut I wouldn't bore you with controversial recreational activities, if I were not for an introduction to show off some knitting. ;-)
Come and meet my

Flame socks
Pattern: my very own to wear in hiking boots-pattern
Yarn: Nagano Superwash (Gjestal), colour 349
Needles: 2,5 mm dpn bamboo

Funny enough, I can't really find this yarn on the internet. And even if i do, then it is only the solid colours, but not my beautiful variegated red yarn. Maybe it is discontinued? What a shame!

About the socks: I liked the knitting a lot! The colour varies every few centimeters what makes it really exciting to knit (almost without any pooling). The yarn felt a bit hard and rough in the beginning. I started to be afraid that my feet would be too sensitive to endure this wool (in sweaty boots - okay, I spare you details), but - oh - i was wrong! It softened remarkably after washing.

Flame socksI don't have them that long that I can give a comprehensive wear down report, but I can show you this:
I have never seen so much fiberfloss in a single sock! Surprisingly, I can pick out as much every time, they do show no signs of wearing so far. Magic? I doubt it is a new form of organic wool that continues to grow...
But as I say, they are only a couple of months old.

[Please excuse the blurry picture, but click to enlarge]

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