fimmtudagur, mars 23, 2006

Trekking approved

Before they angrily start to kick my ass... may I introduce my first socks made from Trekking yarn? Don't be distracted by the green grass below my feet. The picture is quite old and by today we are powdered in snow again.

Trekking socks

Pattern: My basic sock pattern, toe-up, short-row heel, long 2k2p ribbing for the cuff
Yarn: Trekking XXL (Atelier Zitron), colour 110
Needles: 2,25mm dpns rosewood(!)

Do you think they qualify for the
Red Hot socks button

I knitted these toe-up for I was not sure what to expect from the 100g skein. The socks are rather long, though far from knee-high and I have a tiny rest to use for knitted toys or alike. The yarn is a delight, the random stripes blend very nicely. Julia, who apparently reads tags more carefully than I, asked about changing between two skeins as recommended for haindpainted yarns. Well, I didn't do. Most obviously, because I do not have another skein of this colourway (though I wish I would but that can be helped). Apart from that, I thought the stripes do a pretty good job just striping up as they do, no need to force an interruption. I attempted to write to the manufacturer Atelier Zitron in order to ask them about this advice but they have no online service whatsoever. Their self-appointed contact person at one stores I mailed about that kindly and almost eagerly offered help in becoming a retailer for this yarn. However, when I insisted on having the advice clarified she fell silent. Well.. I still do love this yarn!
It is fuzzy but not too much, has a nice shine for wool and also knits up with a good texture and good grip, if you know wat I mean. By now I can even tell you that it wears most comfortably.
Go and get some!
My favourite online yarn supplier Marianne does not only stock Trekking but also luxurious rosewood needles in US sizes. It doesn't say so on the page but she does. Just drop her a line, the customer service is smashing. Eventhough the page is only in German, I am sure she can handle any English emails and she does ship international. I would also be happy to act as mediator, just let me know.

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Stephanie sagði...

Love the socks. I'm really going to have to try out that Trekking one of these days!

Say sagði...

I love the socks. As I admired your pair and read about them, I realised that they were made with the same yarn my Secret Pal recently sent me, and now I'm very keen to use it very soon.

I've never seen a handpainted yarn recommend that you switch between skeins. I admit that sentence on the label confused me, but I won't worry about it.

Leah sagði...

Totally awesome socks! I love them a bunch! I have that color in stash, so now I must check it out. If it doesn't meet the color qualification for RHSS, it should meet the April colors for Project Spectrum.


katie sagði...

Great socks--the color looks both bright and warm, good for these inbetween temperatures where there might be grass or there might be snow. :)

SharonL sagði...

Beautiful socks with very nice striping!

Erin sagði...

pretty socks, I love the colors! I've never tried Trekking, but I'm definitely going to have to get some now!

Micky sagði...

Hi. Thanks for coming by my place. Your socks are wonderful.
As for the cell cozy, I didn't write the original pattern, I just modified it for myself.

Julia sagði...

Love them! I actually tried to find a contact address for Atelier Zitron of some kind, but they're virtually non-existent on the web, aren't they? I wonder why...? Too bad they don't have any knowledgeable representatives. Well, why didn't you agree to become a Trekking XXL vendor?! Sounds so tempting!;-)

Wanda sagði...

Love the trekking socks! They are just marvelous. And the color is just wonderful!!

Kathy sagði...

I am going to visit Marianne's site thanks to you. I too find the Rosewood needles luxurious. WHY? I feel like I'm so relaxed using them. My only pair lost its partner to a tense new knitter named Zach.

Sigga Sif sagði...

Your socks look really nice and cosy and the colors are very energetic for the yellow-grass-grey-skies-spring time in Iceland :-)

I checked out Marianne's site and boy does she have a lot of gorgeous sock yarn! I was actually wondering if you know about some other online German yarn shop where one could order other kinds of yarn (and have them shipped outside Germany)? I just love ordering from Germany, it's so cheap ;-)

sylv sagði...

I just got some Trekking yarn in the mail and looked for socks knit with that yarn... Wow, I wish my (future) socks turn out half as nice as yours !!! :-P
You may even tempt me into plain socks rather than any fancy stuff as I had in mind, theu're just too pretty !!