þriðjudagur, júní 21, 2005

Nach Hause!

I SHOULD tell you about my progress in the Sockapal-2-za today. I saw the updates over at Alison's and I do feel bad. So much progress elsewhere! But no, not true, I don't feel bad. Actually, I think it's rather entertaining that some people are already knitting/done for there is definitely something to SEE for the entire period of the knitalong.

Me: I am still thinking. And I am mainly torn between two options:
a) some solid/almost solid coloured sock with a pattern, maybe lacy.
b) intarsia/fair isle composition.
The last one would be my favourite, if it wouldn't be for the fact that it is not really appropriate for a summer sock, i.e. for someone living in a warmer climate.

And here comes option
c) a very colourful sock in self-striping (pooling) soft yarn.
Not that I can't count...
But - big surprise, at least for me ;-) - I'm going home soon! Contrary to the no-summer-holidays plan, there will be a short trip to Germany now. I am so excited, haven't been there since last August. Only for a week, but enough time to do some yarn shopping, at least for socks (e.g. Regia Silk). As a result, the knitting of the Sockapal-2-za sock will not start so soon.

But there are other socks. Friends of me are happ y parents to a daughtersince sunday and therefore in desperate need of some baby socks (common knitter's interpretation). I decided for one of the baby gift patterns from the latest Interweave Knits (Braided Cable Socks).
Himalaya sockThe yarn I chose is some very soft, Lanett superwash (from Sandnes in Norway) and is very colourful. Not actually baby colours, but neither my friends nor me are supporters of the baby blue/pink rules. I quiet like the colours very much and the yarn is really very soft. I have necer really given projects names before (only adopted the given names) but this one is definitely going to be the himalaya sock. I saw a BBC documentary while starting it, starring Michael Palin (who actually interviewed the Dalai Lama!) and loads of colourful temples and garments - so the name was born. Maybe a little too big name for so small feet ;-)

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Rachel sagði...

Good, I'm glad I'm not the only one who hasn't decided on a yarn for my sock pal's socks, much less started knitting them! I love the baby socks you are knitting, that yarn is gorgeous1

Mini sagði...

Hi! I saw your comment on my blog the other day, so I decided to drop by yours! Oh, my you live in Iceland! We will be VACATIONING there next year! It's our dream trip-- a week in Iceland, to explore and see the beauty and grace! I am Norweigan descent and inclined toward northern, artic , seaside vacations. Especially Iceland! Keep up the great knitting! I am adding you to my fave list!

erika sagði...

Cute baby socks!

And, I haven't chosen the yarn for my Sockapalooza pal yet either--although I have wasted plenty of time looking! I do have a pattern in mind, so that's a relief. I think the fairisle would be really neat....and I wouldn't worry too much about them being to warm for cold climates. In California, it's either no socks weather, or need socks weather! Unless it never gets cold, I think anything you would knit would be great (of course, the last sockapalooza, I made kneesocks out of wool for a woman in Singapore!).

Carola sagði...

Thank you all for your nice comments! I guess you are right, Erika. Who participates to get/make socks just wants them, no socks-weather or not.
What a comfort that I am not the only one "behind" in the sockapal-2-za. But I promise hereby to everyone to ship out in time. ;-)