miðvikudagur, september 07, 2005

minded - feeble - knitting

Put those words in the right order and you have the in-a-nutshell version of this post.
I've been ill the last days. No, not dementia, even though you might get this idea looking at my last post. It was not that bad either, just enough to have a doctor's approval to stay at home and the appropriate medication for not feeling too bad for knitting, reading... That's okay for a while.

Consequently, there has been some progress in knitting. Amble sock
The first Amble sock from the SixSox Knitalong is growing and growing. I found out however that I don't like to have the pattern all the way down on the heel. So the plan was, after taking the picture to rip back to the beginning of the heel and knit a plainer one. BUT - damn bright sunlight! I detected a mistake in the pattern very early on the leg. (Probably exactly where I started to knit this sock half-minded and under the influence of drugs?) Let's just pretend I didn't knit at all on this sock for the last week...

An unrestless person like me needs more projects of course. I admired the Dublin Bay socks here, here, here and there and decided this would be just the ideal pattern for the Wildfoote yarn which was given to me recently by Jenn. Thankfully, Karen, a fellow sockapaloozer (who has just finished beautiful Amble socks!) pointed out where to find the pattern. [You'll find the pattern over at Mossy Cottage Knit, scroll down to free patterns]
The colourway of the Wildfoote, besides its name "Forget me not", reminded me of fishermen and habour. Thus, I will just overlook the fact that the yarn is blue and not green - it's Forget-Dublin-Bay-not Socks now.
Dublin Bay sock Dublin Bay pattern
Another tedious blurry close up again... try to see and agree that the pattern fits to the yarn, or the other way around. Or tell me that this was just another weak-minded idea of mine - honestly. I don't mind, I'll excuse it with my health condition!
I shouldn't mention at all that I started to write down the pattern for the Lopi socks. Considering my latest achievements, the proof-read and editing work will be immense!

Last but not least, there has been a secret project I'm knitting on. And, feeble-minded, it is sooo clever to talk about a secret project here anyway. No pictures, no details, I guess you deeply appreciate a revelation like this... Shoot me! I'll better dive under the blanket again!

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Rachel sagði...

The Dublin Bay socks are looking very nice. How do you like the Wildfoote? I've only knit one sock with it (I still haven't cast on for the second), and found it to be very splitty. It's too bad, because they have pretty colors. I know what you mean about mistakes in the Amble sock. I made lots of them, and did a lot of ripping out. Good thing the end product makes it worth the headache!