þriðjudagur, desember 27, 2005

Not easy to digest

Nobody is excpecting this anymore, I guess. Knitting content!
A finished project even. I present another pair of Rib and Cable Socks (á la Nancy Bush) I should say almost finished, for you can still see the yet unwoven threads tangling down.

Rib and Cable socks in Knitpicks yarn

Details on these socks:
Yarn: Knitpick's Sock Landscape in Redwood Forest.
I reversed the pattern into a toe-up version. Following this, the socks feature a short-row heel. All nothing special. I am pleased though how I managed to cast off with the perfect tension. (I switched from 2,5mm dpns to 3mm dpns halway along the calf and casted of with a 5mm needle.)

I wish to say the holiday's were a calm and peaceful time but they weren't. Not calm for the reason that there were at least two family duties each day. Lunch, coffee, tea, dinner and so on.. Very pleasant gatherings in general, but since it is not my family (and not my language) it was kind of exhausting. The not-peaceful-part refers to the excellent food. I'm still busy digesting, it seems.. uh..my stomach.

To keep the post short, here's a beauty that crossed my way on one of the visitations. The Icelanders! After Keiko* now they killed Rudolph, too!!
Rib and Cable socks in Knitpicks yarn

Edit: On the contest - I was really expecting that people find the one or other same tacky decoration, over-illuminated houses, strange Santa figures and so on - but this!? Check out Lolly's finding, it is such a laugh! (scroll down)

* The Keiko affair.. let me explain. The famous 'killer' whale from the movie Free Willy, named Keiko, spent his retirement years in a fjord in Iceland. Apparently, it was kind of a tourist attraction (whale watching success, 100% guaranteed) At the same time, a passionate debate set in on the topic of whale hunting. Iceland decided - against the world's protest - to reuptake whale hunting. The only funny thing that ever emerged from this was a hilarious T-shirt that said:
If we would have Flipper we would eat him too!
Now it's Rudolph..

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Latoya sagði...

The socks are gorgeous! I'm learning to cable myself, so I may put this pattern to use.

katie sagði...

The socks look great--that colorway knitted up nicely. I've got what might be an entry into your contest going on over at my blog. All week while I'm on the road it's automatically posting pictures from a light display in my hometown. Enjoy!

Wanda sagði...

I love those socks. I've never used any of the KnitPicks yarns, but I do like that colorway. Maybe soon.

Helene sagði...

So how do you like the Icelandic Christmas food? We're eating Hángikjöt today, yummy :)
and we're planning on haveing Rudolph - eh, I mean reindeer - some day soon. And whale, of course!

Remember - whale hunting has nothing to do with Keiko, since killer whales taste like shit, we don't eat them!

Happy knitting from Helene in Norway (more specifically Romsdal, where Keiko ended his days last year).

Elli sagði...

Mmmm...the socks look lovely! Also, this is your official notification of my entry into the contest. Happy Holidays!