mánudagur, september 26, 2005

Across the pond

First things first.
Boot socksMay I introduce a pair of non-thrilling functional socks. 6-ply yarn for comfort and warmth while wearing rubber shoes (not boots, hence the ankle version).

Pattern: Ankle sock in plain stockinette stitch with slip stitch padding for the sole. Knitted toe-up with short row heel.
Yarn: Fortissima Colori Socka Color 6-ply
--------(Schoeller Stahl), colour 2 (discontinued)
Needles: 2,5 mm dpn bamboo

After enjoying a nice "winter" walk yesterday, my inflammation of the ears, precisely only the right one, arouse to new life. Great! Means another day in bed (no work is really great though!) and hopefully enough time/fitness to knit up the replacement hat. I do need it!

lake view lake view
Actually, parts of the lake were covered by a thin layer of ice!

The GOOD news today is that my socks arrived sound and safely at Sarah's place and it appears they fit. [sigh of relief] Go and visit them in their new home!

9 ummæli:

Tracy sagði...

Well I'm glad you get some extra knitting time, but sorry you have to have a painful ear in the meanwhile. It looks like you might be needing a hat with ear flaps if that ice is anything to go by!

Annemarie sagði...

Sorry to hear about your ear pain, Carola. I hope you feel better. I also checked out your sockpal socks. WOW!!!!!! They're beautiful. You did an amazing job! :)

Kira sagði...

Ice & snow already; and I was complaining about it being cold at night here!
Good luck with making the hat replacement I am sure that your ears will be very happy!

Jenn sagði...

You stay in bed and get better....

I thought we were going to get snow here last night it was so cold. I give it a few more weeks and the snow will fly!

amanda sagði...

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Wanda sagði...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well and hope your ear feels better soon. Ear pain is no fun. Glad to see your socks were very well received!

Even though one of my friends made fun of me, I do like your recently finished Fortissima socks. Is the sock yarn heavier than normal socks? I couldn't tell when I saw it this weekend in the lys.

jacqueline sagði...

i hope you are feeling better now! take it easy and get that hat made asap.

can i tell you how much I LOVE those socks!! i seriously am in awe of them...they are fantastic.

Lolly sagði...

Too bad about your ear! I get ear aches all the time, so I feel your pain! Hope the new hat helps the ears!

Those socks are lovely. It is a shame that colorway is discontinued--it is so pretty!

Sarah sagði...

Hooray! Thanks again for the socks - I love them!