fimmtudagur, nóvember 10, 2005

Warm hands...

Time for that!
Norwegian mitten
I got helpful tips and links from you in the comments or by checking the participant's blogs (warm hands and peaceful palms) and here I am. Almost finishing the second Norwegian mitten. The result is not as professional as I aimed for. But they are not for me. In contrast to being even more the perfectionist in this case usually, I know the beneficiary will not care at all. Will not notice! Not even that they are handmade, I guess. Well... nerds!

i-cord finger Gloves
Since I felt like cheating, participating with the same mittens for two KAL and at the same time absolutely amazed by nona's i-cord finger gloves, I had to start a pair, too. They will however be fingertipless i-cord gloves. And believe me, it's hard to type after crushing my finger in the stitch holder. All for the vanity of showing progress pictures.

Wondering about the dark pictures? It is awfully dull and dim these days. Due to rain, I couldn't really go outside. And even when I did first, I needed a flash there, too. It was around 3 pm! Where's the snow? I prefer chilly but bright days!

A new meme is circulating, well hardly new anymore if it hits here. For the credits, I was tagged by Wanda and Dorothee and the intellectual property rights for this meme are Carolyn's.

What is your all time favourite yarn to knit with?

This one is impossible to answer. I haven't knitted with too many different yarns so far.
I very much liked knitting with Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, which is sooo soft, has a beautiful drape and is machine washable! Regia yarn has been my favourite sock yarn for a long time, but I am beginning to be unfaithful. Lanett yarn (100% merino but superwash) is my favourite so far for solid socks.

Your favourite needles?

My sock dpns! All ... 23 of them. Yes, strange number. I tend to loose them, between the seats in busses or trains. Or they break..

In general, I definitely prefer bamboo needles for all sizes and prefer kniting in the round. I don't care for brands. I don't care for straight needles. But being a gadget person, I am highly interested to try these cool Denise needle sets one day.
Sock dpns

The worst thing you've ever knit?

There is a hat in my UFO pile that consists of fun fur and cotton. Looks like an old lady with a hair net. Not nice, I never finished it, got too afraid. Another bad knit is a mohair lace scarf I started. Without pattern, without ever having knit lace before. Obviously this was a bad idea and condemned to fail. Worst thing, it seems impossible to unravel the (very pretty, colourful and expensive) Colinette yarn.

Your most favourite knit pattern? (maybe you don't like wearing it...but it was the most fun to knit)

SweaterNot a real 'pattern' more a technique, but this sweater was the most favourite knit so far. Believe it not: my very first project, after learning the basics of knit and purl with a few meters of acrylic yarn. Of course I had to pay for jumping into such a project without background knowledge. Oh, you are not supposed to wash wool in the washing machine? What about a dryer? [Sigh] Wondering about the sturdiness of the sweater? It is probably fit for a 8 year old, though it wasn't thought to be. Anyway, I am so proud of this peace and it was sooo much fun to knit that it survived 15 years and seven moves now, without being worn!
On patterns I enjoyed most the very recent discovery that there are patterns for socks! To mention some, I specially like the Rib and Cable socks from Interweave knits.

Most valuable knitting technique?

Hard to say. Definitely all ways of fixing flaws and finishing techniques (I used to fasten the threads with knots!). Also coming to the conclusion that I don't need to unvent everything has been very valuable. Almost everything is written down somewhere or has ben tried out by another knitter. I learned to recognise and accept help and I am much more organised now. That's a good technique for almost everything.

Best knit book or magazine?

My bible for techniques is 'Knitter's Handbook' from Montse Stanley, which I purchased about 18 months ago and which led me to take knitting 'serious'. My favourite knitting magazines for inspiration are Interweave Knits and knitty of course.

Your favourite knit-a-long?

I haven't completed a KAL so far, only participated in the Sockapal-2-za, which was just incredible! Inspiring, fun, supporting - loved it!

Your favourite knitblogs?

Uh - tricky, there are so many. I started with reading the blue blog and Knit and Tonic and try to follow now a list of ~50 of 'favourites'. You can find some of them in the sidebar.

Your favourite knitwear designer?

I have no clue about designs. Most often I don't even care for the designers name (shame on me). However, I adore the designs of Anna Bell, though I have never knitted one. On local grounds, I like a lot of the stuff of Vedís Jónsdóttir. She is not exclusively designing knitwear (remember the dog?), but her textile designs are plain, simple and beautiful - just like the preconception of Scandinavian design.

The knit item you wear the most? (how about a picture of it!)

Socks! And my favourite hat, both versions. You won't believe, I already lost the second version of it! It was not so bad this time, since it was only a 'copy'. I like the idea somehow that now maybe two people are running around here with my knitdesign on their heads. Who knows..
Socks Noro hat

I couldn't really find anyone who hasn't been tagged yet. My suggestion is that the silent readers of my blog, some of them leaving very exciting spots on my ClustrMap, consider themself tagged and leave me a comment so that I know where to find the answer. Okay?
And finally a message to everybody, who's wondering why I don't answer emails: my email-client is not working properly these days. I can hardly open my messages, let aside type answers. Hopefully, this problem disappears in no time.

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Sandysknitting sagði...

I love the mittens! Almost done, good for you! I never thought of doing gloves fingers first. Makes for an interesting picture, doesn't it?

Dorothee sagði...

Schöne Fäustlinge! Aber die Empfänger wissen das leider nur begrenzt zu schätzen...
Das Socken Rib-und-Cable-Muster von Interweave Knits, das Du erwähnst... ist das zufällig aus der Frühjahrsausgabe 2005? Ich hätte das Muster ganz gerne, aber ich hab keine Lust deswegen das gesamte Heft für 12 Euro zu kaufen...

Wanda sagði...

Thanks for answering the meme. It's always interesting to see what other people are doing and what they like. I can't believe you lost the hat a second time. Yikes! Will you be making a third hat?

nona sagði...

I love how you've adapted the i-cord fingers to create tipless gloves. I'm curious to watch your progress with these!