sunnudagur, október 09, 2005

A day, dedicated to colour

Beautiful sunshine today. Inspired by the "Show my your socks" contest (over now) and at all in Socktoberfest-mood, I did this today. No, not washing socks, I'm doing that once in a while. The picture, it's taking a picture of drying clothes.

Wäscheleine voll mit Socken
25 pairs! Not all too impressive if seen like this: 25 pairs in about 10 years = 5 socks (not even pairs) per year. I think two or three pairs got lost somehow. But on the other hand, before sockapal-2-za I had never given socks away. Not that I wouldn't do, but nobody ever asked. Rather clarified that 'other people' would probably appreciate hand-knitted socks more. So true, I do ;-)

But enough on socks. It was beach walking today.

Wouldn't this colour combination be great for yarn? Or anything else?

Talking about colours.. I have to go public, I need your help or more advice. I want to knit Eris, the cabled sweater/cardigan, you know.. And I already decided for a type of yarn but cannot make up my mind on which colour to choose.
Tell me what you think.
Knitpicks barnredKnitpicks slateKnitpicks chocolateKnitpicks cinnamon

Problem is: I am usually very much into reds! But I fear I will be afraid to wear it, if it doesn't turn out perfect. I have the feeling browns and greys are more forgiving.
And the browns, chocolate and cinnamon - can there be better Christmas knitting!? On the other hand, I am not so much for earth tones, but I love to wear tweed. The only way I can see myself combining Eris is to jeans or to tweed trousers, skirt or dress. Wouldn't it be too much on brownish colours then? [sigh] Stylists, speak up please.

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Susan sagði...

I have to root for the red. Such a nice red, not so dark that you couldn't see the cables. Plus, it will make a great holiday sweater in that shade.

emmy sagði...

Count me in for the red as well. Although I am no stylist it is just the color that jumped out at me as being the best. And as for perfect..people will see the color not some small mistake :)
I am not a perfectionist either.

I enjoy your blog.

Kira sagði...

I am very impressed by your sock collection - mine is a total of 2! That's why I have signed up for Socktoberfest; thanks for the link. As for Eris, I would choose the red too.

katie sagði...

Wow, look at all those socks! And a great picture of them, so sunny and colorful.

I'm a red fan, too. Or maybe cinnamon. Not a big fan of the slate color, but that's just me. But if you like red best, you should definitly go with red!

jacqueline sagði...

i'm loving the red too! but you're the one wearing it so maybe the chocolate would be better. the cinnamon has too much yellow in it for me to be objective.

love those socks...they are gorgeous. i can't even manage two pairs of socks a year - you are doing well!

Tracy sagði...

'm with the red too, it looks so warming.

Lolly sagði...

HI Carola! I just love that picture. You give me so much inspiration. I hope to have as many socks someday!

I really like the Barnred and the Cinnamon colors for Eris. I am sure whatever you choose will be lovely, however :)

Jenn sagði...

I love the grey, but that's because I am not really a red girl. I think you should make what you love the most!

Your sock picture is beautiful. And I love the beach pictures.

Suzanne sagði...

I love the red--do you wear red a lot? I cannot wear grey at all and light colors wash me out so I would go for the red. The chocolate is good BUT like you said what are you going to wear it with? Your trousers have to be a color too, and if all your trousers are brown then will a brown Eris match?


Ashley sagði...

Look at your fabulous socks! I am inspired. And I also vote red--having had similar anxieties about Rogue, I'll say that a) it's easier to make it turn out well than you think, and b) a small mistake, even in red, won't be that noticeable. And think how cheery it will be against the snow!

Mirjam sagði...

I'm defenitely for this slate colour! It's like cristal when you combine it with white.
So funny this picture from all your socks, they are saying: we have a nice time here, sort of fashionshow where they cann show-off with themselfs.

Julia sagði...

Cinnamon, cinnamon!
first of all, that's my favorite spice. And it'd go great with all your red clothes and it'd show the cables very nicely. It's such a shame when you make all that effort knitting gorgeous cables and then they don't show well enough...

Helene sagði...

Red, no question about it! Eris is lovely - I'm making mine in gray, but that's just because I need a gray cardigan. May be I'll make the sweater later on, and then in some juicy colour!

How fun to see an Icelandic knit blog! Are there more of them? And do you know if there are any Icelandic Lopi web shops or web pages showing the news?

My hubby comes from Iceland, and loves lopi.

Take care
from Norway

Donna Boucher sagði...

I am visiting for the first time! Allison sent me :o)

I think your socks are very impressive :o)
Love your photography and your writing style.

Nice to meet you.

Donna in Wisconsin

Steph sagði...

The sock picture would make a wonderful postcard! And I love the red! I think that if you're into a certain color it's because you look great in it and feel happy wearing it. It would also warm up darker/more neutral pants and skirts.

nona sagði...

I love your sock photo! What fun to have so many pairs of hand knit socks.

Wanda sagði...

I like the red too, of course by now you've already decided. I think 25 pairs of socks are quite alot,so don't go beating yourself up there. I've been knitting socks maybe 3.5 years and have only 6 pairs to show for it, although I did knit 2 more pair of socks for myself, but gave them to my mom, as well as knit her a pair of socks and knit my bf a pair of socks last summer and am making a pair of socks for dbf's son and a pair I knit for sockapalooza 2. So I've knit only 12 over almost 4 years, what's that 3 a year? I also go through sock knitting spurts, sometimes I knit more on socks and sometimes less. I like to keep socks on the needles because they are portable. As soon as I finish the pair of socks for the dbf's son, I will be making another pair of socks for me in black (with multicolor flecks), b/c I don't have any and I really would like some.

Pip and Tom sagði...

Just to pass it on, a friend of mine knit Mariah in the Barn Red. She thought, as well as all of us, that the yarn was more mauve-ey in person than on the site. It was still beautiful. Just a little on the pink side.