laugardagur, nóvember 12, 2005

Boys only

There's a party going on in my house. And I'm not invited!
It's considered to be a 'boys only' event, and in fact only a gathering of five guys in their mid/end thirties (right, we call ourselves still 'girls')
I was allowed to join the dinner part, which was quite sophisticated. Provided by a former smutje (ship's cook) and I have to say, I'm wondering if they award stars to ships. Roasted lamb

Excellent dinner! Roasted lamb, as so common here, but of an outstanding quality.
The picture only shows you the amount that was served for five people (I didn't count, you know, the boy's thing)
I am also impressed by the wide selection of home-brewed stuff.

Roasted lambHere some beer.
There is also some blueberry wine (from 98! According to the picker/brewer an excellent berry year ;-)) and rhubarb wine. I'd never tasted something like this before. Delicious! Finally, a nice idea what to do with this awful weed that grows here (other than the obligatory rhubarb pies, the rhubarb jam...)

And following the occupation of almost every corner of the house by the noisy guys, I will spend my evening with knitting.
Maybe finishing the Jaywalker socks (and having the needles free to eventually cast on Lorna's Laces socks) or trying to find the concentration for the collar of Eris. (Did I mention the singing and guitar playing?) I so need a SnB Reykjavik! be sure to drop me a line if you ever pass by!
Eris collar

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Laura sagði...

Sounds like a party! I'm glad you got to enjoy the food! I have to say, I LOVE rhubarb pie, rhubarb jam, etc. Especially strawberry-rhubarb pie! Yum!

jacqueline sagði...

that food looks delicious! i am glad you managed for find some quiet knitting time for yourself.

i'm interested in laura's comment too...i've never had strawberry-rhubard pie.

btw - you've had me fanticising about seeing those northern lights.

Wanda sagði...

Ooh, you started Eris, yay for you! I decided that I don't want to do that one for now. I'm kind of into the idea of doing Rogue as a cardigan instead, but don't know when/if I'll be starting that one either. I don't know if I'm up to the challenge.
Sorry you weren't invited to the boys' only party, but it probably gave you lots of knitting time and isn't that a good thing?

Kira sagði...

A couple of weeks ago Travelocity was running an advert to spend New Year's (or was it Thanksgiving?) in Iceland. Maybe your SnB Reykjavik might happen??
Next time I am passing through I will definitely let you know!(Mr KN would be interested in the homebrew!)
The Rogue cable is looking fantastic.

Kira sagði...

Oops I didn't mean Rogue. I meant Eris. Sorry!

Elli sagði...

Mmmm...I'd love to try rhubarb wine. My dh studied for a month in Reykjavik and he keeps saying he's going to take me there soon (soon being one of those moving target type words). Maybe you'll have the SnB started by then :)

amanda sagði...

Eris collar is looking lovely and I really like the color you chose. I love red. I wish I was brave enough to wear it. Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution: wear red since it looks good on me. Hmmm...

Anyhoo....I looooove Rhubarb jam. And strawberry/rhubarb pie so I think I will have to try Rhubarb wine one day!

Beth S. sagði...

You have wild rhubarb? That's wonderful. It can be expensive in the store!

And I am very eager to see Iceland. My husband and I were planning a trip there before we bought our house (which put an end to all travel plans for the near future) and I still hope to get there someday. I will bring an empty suitcase just for wool!