föstudagur, september 23, 2005

I didn't do it!

Hundur í lopapeysuBrowsing the daily paper today*, a first page announcement catched my eye. It showed this 'dog'. If you click on the picture then it will lead you to the whole half-page article. With a complete free knitting pattern for this dog-sweater!
Isn't that what we all waited for!?
I'm not concerned about violating copyrights in this case, because
a) most of the people will not be able to aim properly at the link on the picture due to fits of laughter (or tears, depending on the sensitivity towards animal rights and dignity)
b) nobody really will want to click because nobody will seriously consider to knit up something like this and
c) you might have difficulties reading the instructions anyway.

Wow... so that's what you get when I innocuously mention here and there that I will be on the look-out for some variations of traditional Icelandic sweater design. But no, I admit, I couldn't possibly dream of ... ahem.. something like this.
Actually, the article is more or less advertising a new knitting book from the designer Vedís Jónsdóttir, who is one of the most active designers in the field of textile design with wool/traditional knitting here. And - apart from the featured pattern above! - it seems to be quite interesting. Unfortunately, there is no trace on the internet so far to the newly published book. The only thing I can do is to link you to the company she is designing for, ISTEX. Too boring, they don't feature the more interesting designs other than in some random pictures which appear on the right side.

My knitting? I didn't dare to.. you know.. bad vibrations!

*one of four daily papers in what comes closest to an urban agglomeration (read: capital) with approx. 170.000 inhabitants. Believe it or not...

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Steph sagði...

Remembering how terribly cold Iceland can be even in the summer, I am actually quite happy for the dog ;-). His little sweater is much more tasteful than this:http://youknitwhat.blogspot.com/2005_09_01_youknitwhat_archive.html
Scroll all the way down to Sept 1st and be prepared to pee in your pants.

Carola sagði...

Right, the dog is propably happier that way - considering that it shouldn't be possible to recognize itself in a mirror (but then.. the confusing smell of sheep!) And thanks, Steph, the picture of the other dog is hilarious!