laugardagur, september 24, 2005


Every day a good deed, that's the word of honour...
I found a glove today in the bus. You know, it's getting cold here and though it was only a mass production one, I turned it in at the bus drivers staff room. As far as I know there's nothing here as a lost property office, but this just might be not knowing my way around in community affairs. I felt kind of good.
Until I discovered later, after I had jummped off another bus, that my ears got cold. Could it be? Did I forget my hat in the bus? It appears I had. I had forgotten my favourite hat. [read this aloud] The one I knitted up with Noro yarn my parents send me for last christmas. And, who would ever be able to forget the first time knitting with Noro? It is something special!
My interrogation at the bus driver's 'inn' lead to no result. Nobody has found or handed in my hat. Cruel world!
I am seriosly considering an extensive search. Anybody seen this hat?

Mugshot Noro hat
I really felt a bit weird, actually being able to produce a mug shot of a hat I knitted last winter! Just imagine the looks on people's faces if I would produce some handbills in the bus.
Noro shinano skeinI decided not to do so. Kind of has to do with being afraid of loosing my (imaginary?) reputation. Instead I went to the one and only yarn store we have here that provides a modest collection of, well, 'luxury' yarns (Noro, Debbie Bliss, Rowan...) and purchased a skein of Noro shinano in exactly the same colour the original hat was made of. For the increadible amount of $13,50! That's why the whole LYS thing is not that much fun at all here. At least I would be able to see and feel the yarn before I order it online. If the shipping to here wouldn't almost add up to the same costs... [sigh]
You see the white spots in the gras? Right guess that are the snow crystals, which survived the burning sun during midday heat. [double sigh]

But the whole mugshot thing reminded me of a very funny story. Not long ago some nighttime burglary was carried out in a kiosk not far from my PIL. The crime weapon obviously had been a mop. (don't ask me!) In fact, two very efficient policemen were scanning the whole neighbourhood and carried out thorough investigations. The door bell rang at my MIL and when she opened, she could only see a mugshot of a mop. A sternly voice from behind asked if she'd seen this suspicious object and had any information about its whereabouts.. Well, a maniac for houswork might have taken this as an offense. To make it even more absurd, you have to know that Iceland is not really a country that impresses with different brand assortments. We have basically one sort of toothpaste, one sort of baking powder to name the worst examples... I guess everybody has seen this kind of mop, at least at the neighbours. That in reverse, makes everybody suspicious. uuups...

5 ummæli:

Rachel sagði...

I'm so sorry about your hat. It's so frustrating to lose something that you worked on and really loved. At least you found the yarn to make a new one. I can't believe you already have snow! I'm so not ready for winter.

jacqueline sagði...

my condolences on the loss of your hat. may the dishonest person who finds it be struck by a gigantic snowflake!

i'm also amazed that you already have snow. are you sure you don't want to emigrate to australia???

Steph sagði...

I'm very sorry about your hat. But when you consider that you live in a country that changes its road construction to avoid destroying the homes of elves and gnomes, I wonder if anyone would have found a 'Wanted: Knitted hat' leaflet odd ;-) The mop story is hilarious!

amanda sagði...

i can't believe you have snow already! i know, i shouldn't be suprised since you are in iceland and all but it is still in the 90's (Farenheit) here.

Wanda sagði...

Getting snow already is just crazy, but hence you live in Iceland. The mop story was pretty funny.

I'm sorry you lost your hat, but it probably won't take too long to make another one. I'm sure you'll be done shortly!