sunnudagur, apríl 23, 2006

Happy Easter!

Eastereggs treepainted eastereggs

Yes, I know. Easter was last weekend but back then I couldn't show you my Easter eggs. Or show you anything, coming to this. Now, I am happily connected to the internet again, and here you go.

There is still no knitting group around here but a painting-easter-eggs group is kind of a start. We had a great time, splashing in colours. Of course rather of singular nature, the easter egg painting, and I have to admit that doing it once a year is really enough for me. Maybe I got someone interested in dyeing, though. But I will come back to that later.
painted easteregg
The eastereggs were first coated in whole with some special dye (that can also be used for dyeing wool I am told) and then furhter decorated, according to taste. I failed to take pictures of the pretty eggs some of the others made (cute little easter bunnies and birds or stunning graphic designs).
Here's one of mine. True to Project Spectrum, because Lolly apparently has thought this project well through and figured that April, Easter and orange and yellow go really well together.

Almost in time the daffodils almost show their pretty faces.
Why 'in time'? Because they are called Osterglocke in German and Páskalilja in Icelandic, both relating to the Easter holidays of course. (Check out how the 'real' Easterlily looks like here - sigh - I would so wish that something merely remotely close to such noblesse would grow here.. but.. Iceland and gardening...)

Okay, ready for knitting?
Just for the record the progress on my Pomatomi socks.
Pomatomi socks in progress
The longer it takes, the more I fall in love with the twisted stitches. I was racking my little brain to come up with a pattern in this style myself, but now Hedera is out. I might as well just give this one a try first. Maybe I will be out-twisted afterwards anyway.
I also knitted alon on ome tiny projects that cannot be revealed yet and casted on for a Project Spectrum project. Get this? Project Spectrum project. This reminds me about one of my favourite word constructions in Icelandic: Bílaleigubíll. For the explanation. leiga means 'to rent' and bíll is a car. So, when the idea of a taxi spread over here, it was called 'a rented car'. Later, when the idea of hired cars was introduced, someone must have come up with this strange expression Bílaleigubíll which translates car-rent-a-car or something like that. Of course, as always with language those, who use the expression by heart don't even realise its awkwardness. So it's all my pleasure to smile about it.
orange Spherey before birth
But back to the project. It is going to be another Spherey in bright orange.
See how the book matches? I am done with the body now but I'm afraid, the arms and legs will have to be green, if I designate Spherey 2 to Project Spectrum entirely.

Other things, not last and foremost not least: I received my Project Spectrum postcard for March from Kim some while ago. She went for a state theme which was perfect for the colour red because their 'national' bird is the Cardinal. What a shame that I had never heard of this cute little fellow before, look here. Thank you very much, Kim!
(Picture of the card later, my NEW digital cam just gave up and I hope it is not a serious problem!)

And last: I joined the Dye-o-rama button
More on this in one of the next posts.

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Sigga Sif sagði...

Hehe, I haven't ever thought about "bílaleigubíll" as a strange word. Totally true that when you are used to the word you don't really think too much about its literal meaning. But there are many words like this in Icelandic, since it is a very "descriptive" language. One of my favorite lake-names is Vatnsdalsvatn, literally "lakevalley-lake". Which came first, the lake or the valley?

Happy easter to you too :-)

Leah sagði...

The eggs are just lovely, and I'm thinking once you get those women dying one thing, you can get them dying others!

Maggie sagði...

I highly recommend the Hedera socks. I knit up a pair and they are truly beautiful. Your Pomatomi socks are beautiful!! I want to knit them but I am intimidated. Good work :)

Theresa sagði...

The car thing reminded me of a food we have in Philadelphia - water ice. If you mention it to non-Philadelphians they get confused - isn't all ice made from water? But ours is specifically this fruit flavored soft mushy ice. Kind of like a snow cone, but not.

Nancy sagði...

My cousin and I just had the discussion about daffodils being called Easter Lillies, in Icelandic. When I got home from Iceland mine had just bloomed.

Say sagði...

I'm fond of twisted stitches too. The Pomotomi are very neat looking with all those wavy lines.

Lolly sagði...

Such a lovely spring post! Looks like it is warming up in Iceland :) The Easter egg picutres are beautiful, Carola! I hope you had a nice holiday!

Can't wait to see your Project Spectrum projects :) (yeah, it does sound a little funny, doesn't it? perhaps Project Spectrum crafts?)

Have a good week!

Best wishes,

Sonja sagði...

Ha ha. That's funny. Actually it would be more car-rental-car, either way it's funny.

I love to read your blog. Since you live in Iceland perhaps you would be interested in the Icelandic on-line knitting group Garnaflækja ( It's in Icelandic.

kær kveðja

Kelly sagði...

Love your Pomatomi socks! These are on my list as well so its nice to see others enjoying the pattern so much.
Dye-o-rama is going to be so much fun! Glad you joined!