þriðjudagur, apríl 25, 2006

My life in orange


  • 3 days to exam 1
  • 6 days to term paper (long)
  • 7 days to Sockapaloooza
  • 8 days to term paper (short)
  • 11 days to exam 2 (yes, on a Saturday!)
I am feeling only slightly busy at the moment and most of all: I shouldn't be doing this right now! However, writing papers on a PC with internet connection is too tempting.
Today, I am sharing another peek out of my kitchen window with you.
You can probably imagine the noise. Distracting, disturbing - not even the coffee break with one or two rows yoga-knitting on my Pomi socks is fun right now.
I wouldn't bore you with another construction site picture if it wouldn't be for the Project Spectrum coherence.

How funny: two huge orange service cars from 'Iceland Telecom' (their corporate colours are usually blue and white). Where have they been when we had trouble and were not connected for 15 days!

There is not much progress on the yarn front these days (see above reasons). So I am only half disstressed as I would be under normal conditions. Because? My new camera is broken! Well, new like in 'Christmas gift 2005'. And broken like in 'if my period of warranty has run out I can throw it at the lazy, noisy constructors outside in the bin' because remote diagnostics suggest to exchange the motherboard, what turns out to cost more than a new cam.
Okay, eventhough the two of us have to part for a long time (shipping it to Canon Support) or forever, this place is not doomed to be pictureless.
First piece of evidence is artsy picture below that hints towards my card project for the Project Spectrum Postcard Swap.

If you are NOT my swap partner for April then feel free to click on the picture for the card. Except you are a real buddy and want to keep the suspense until the card arrives at my swapee.
Postcard swap April

Since I regard my already taken but yet unpublished pictures as kind of a stash all over sudden, I have to point out this for you.

Amanda from clothesknit.com finally came to her senses and about-faced from the self-torturing idea to reduce one's stash (Sock Yarn Addicts Club). Instead she frowardly encourages us all to celebrate our stash as shown above. Very cool! Go there and add some more to the list of reasons to embrace your stash.

But now to my picture stash. Last week, actually on the 'first day of summer', I undertook the adventure of going on a cycle tour in Iceland. I know, there are people who seem to enjoy it so much that they spend entire holidays on such a nonsense challenge, but not me. I enjoy cycling, but look at the road conditions.

It seems to me that the choice of cycle paths ranges between these two extrems
  • good roads = high traffic, including monster trucks where the driver is that used to his self-claimed right of way that I don't want to mess around with these guys on a bike.
  • bad roads = no traffic, but: literally rocks to knock over. And while glanzing at the ground before your front tire, it is impossible to enjoy the natural scenery.
Of course.. it is possible to find nice lanes to cycle on. If you want to. But before I really, really spend time on finding out about them, let's just recall the weather conditions here.
Wind, check. Storm, check. Hurricane, check.
Rain, check. Hail, check. Snow, check.
(Add the wind classifications again to the snow and you get the picture!)

Just yesterday, we woke up to gaze at 5 cm of fresh snow in the morning. In the afternoon, due to mild wind and 'burning' sunshine all had melted and the neighbour's children were playing 'picknick and camping' in the garden. In the evening there was a thick layer of snow again. What's wrong with this island? It's officially summer now!

[Stop raging - go back to your paper!]

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Stephanie sagði...

Exam on a Saturday? That's just so wrong! Good luck!

Sigga Sif sagði...

Oh god yes, the weather over there is, well, testing for the mental health (to say the least). But here's a positive thought which I try to keep in mind: At least it has character, the Icelandic weather! Rain and breeze, pffft, so booooring, right?!

And it gives us a lot to talk about!

Good luck with your exams and papers, soon it will all be over.

Janine sagði...

It's not much like spring here either. It is wasn't for the flowers being out I would seriously doubt it :-) I spent last night huddled up on the sofa with a jumper, a shawl and the dog as a hot water bottle and still I was cold. We have turned off the central heating as we always do after Easter but I'm not impressed.

Judy sagði...

I followed your link for the first day of summer, and discovered that the hotel you linked to charges $243 a night -- for a single room, in the winter! Yikes! Guess I won't be visiting Iceland any time soon... I like the notion of the summer and winter "freezing together" though...

amanda sagði...

Best of luck on the exams and paper! And you're right...those road conditions are horrible. Maybe the cyclers should stage a revolution :o)

Great swap postcard!

spassmacher sagði...


Nancy sagði...

I was amazed when I was there last week at all the construction going on everywhere. It seemed like anyplace I looked there was some kind of big yellow construction machine.

My son actually came home with a shirt about the weather in Iceland. It says, "Icelandic weather four seasons in a day". I guess your day today had at least 2!

Maggie sagði...

So, I leave today!!! If all goes well with the flights and travel I will probably call you on Saturday. I don't know yet what my travel buddys plans are as of yet, so things kinda of hang in the air right now. However, I will try to call you or email you at the very least...

Tytti sagði...


It's me, your Postcrossing pal from Finland! I have no knitblog (sorry...) but I do have this badly neglected weblog, which is bound to cheer up once again it's going to be summer and gardening season. I usually rant away in my lj (mostly something about science fiction, fantasy, Harry Potter or hot British actors) but perhaps I should blog some of my knitting works too. I've mostly done Harry Potter scarves lately.

You've truly done some amazing things... The dyeing project sounds... exciting. ;) I'm definitely going to be a regular visitor here from now on.

Wanda sagði...

Good luck with your exams and studying! Hope it all ends well for you.