föstudagur, apríl 07, 2006

Drilling down the house

Under constructionObviously, I could have also called this post 'under construction'. However, the mock text to Talking Head's Burning down the house that sticks in my head for hours now seems to describe an enduring theme. It is bothersome to be without electricity and cold water during daytime, though strangly enough the hot water (Hey Ashley, ~80C/176F right out of the tap!) is working all day long. But: it is utterly devastating to be without telephone and hence the possibility to go online for several days now!

Drilling down the house
When escaping the building site around/within my house, I found out that my little habourage at the university is letting me down as well. Today was spring term's last lecture day. This does not mean that summer holidays are about to begin. Ha, in -5C/23F! But, why not use even this Friday afternoon to start construction work inside the university buildings.
Hmmm... healthy odours of paint thinner, drilling and hammering noises...
I'm off to reconnoitre calmer whereabouts!

2 ummæli:

Wanda sagði...

Sorry for the construction happening. I hope you get some online access and soon!

Erin sagði...

Hey! I just found your blog. I'm a US college student on exchange in Reykjavik and new, but seriously addicted, knitter. I'm looking forward to reading your blog in the future. I have an Iceland blog, but I haven't updated it in a while. I think it should be linked to my name in this post. Bless bless! -erin