miðvikudagur, janúar 18, 2006

Dogs'n socks

View from Seltjarnarnes to Akranes

Weather like this calls for warm clothes. Hence, my urge to finish some of the winter items. Additional motivation came from nona's Peaceful Palms KAL. Not that I participated very actively and for the record: the five tipless finger's I knit after nona's brilliant instructions for gloves, respectively fingers on straight needles are still 'lost' - really, lost!
No further dwelling in failures for now. Iit's all about cherishing achievements - et voilà the Nordic mittens are finished.
Nordic Mittens
Unfortunately, I am not able to track down the pattern anymore. I made a copy from a book years ago and couldn't possibly think of the need to have reference information handy for blogging purposes. How short-minded! This mysterios unreferenced copy got lost halfway through the second mitten anyway, so no luck there.
The same somehow applies to the yarn: It is just some (very) scratchy wool. I suspect it to be Peer Gynt from Sandnes Garn. I for my part had even problems knitting with it. Uch, scratchy! But the recipicient chose it himself in as far as I could see full awareness of the lacking softness. It did not soften up after gentle hand wash and because the complaint was that the mittens were a tiny bit too long (>1 cm) but not too wide, I was challenged by the recipicient 'to wash them smaller'. Well, challenge accepted: They took a joyride in the washing machine with spin cycle and everything. Out they came not only in perfect size and softer but also perfectly 'blocked'.
That's a finishing technique I could get used to!
(The picture is taken before - you don't think I through any handknitted stuff in the washing machine without documenting it before!)

Dog Lappi dressed in an Icelandic wool sweaterAnybody remembering the Icelandic 'sweater' for dogs? (the latter should stand in inverted commas as well...)
I thought I had met a VIP dog when I came across 'Lappi' the other day. But then, at least six bus stops later, the same sweater made it's way through piles of snow - and apparently the same dog. Could it be? When I saw another coloured but same tiny-sized dog in the same fashionable wool coat the next day again, the penny dropped. So this was the most popular holiday knit over here! After getting used to the sight, I have to admit now that they look kind of cute on those mini-dogs.

Touching the subject dog already, it is probably more or less common knowledge that the Chinese year (going to start soon, 29 Jan) is the year of the dog. It appears that the current knitting year seems to continue(?) being the year of the sock. [Woohoo - this rhymes]

Sockapaloooza!This will definitely be true over here. And elsewhere? Of course, there is no need to announce the next round the sock KAL/swap, Sockapaloooza hosted by the goddess of socks Alison from the blue blog. You all have heard about that one, isn't it?
Red Hot Socks KALAnother sockalong I found (thanks to Amanda from clothesknit) is the Red Hot Socks (initiated by Becky from Knitting Interrupted), which combines fabulously two of my favourite 'things' (the colour red and ...socks!) How could I resist!?
I think, the (current) Jaywalkers almost fit the bill, but there are some more red socks in the pipeline already.
Jaywalker pair
And then, there is of course the Jaywalker KAL, still running!

I'll leave you with some snowy pictures and the breaking news, that the spotless white, beautiful, airy, 40cm deep snow layer is about to dissolve in rain at the moment. Which creates a terrible mess of ugly mud all over and almost enables wild water rafting in some of the hilly parts on my daily trails. Not for long, though: it is going to freeze over later. That's NOT how I like winter. So, enjoy with me the snow as long as it lasts.
Bicycle in Hafnarfjörður

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Jenn sagði...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful socks.

We are settled into our new house but haven't been able to go out and explore our new town....IT KEEPS SNOWING!

Today has been rain, then snow, then freezing rain, then snow....on and on

Of course I am SURE it's not as bad as where you are so I'll stop complaining now :-)

Wanda sagði...

Those jaywalker socks are coming along beautifully! I love the picot hem and the colorway, just gorgeous! The gloves turned out wonderfully too. I'm sure the recipient was happy to receive them.

jacqueline sagði...

whenever you post photos of iceland, i am completely and utterly blown away by the beauty of the place. it is so very different to anything i have ever know and completely juxtaposed to this little corner of the planet that i have grown up on.

oneday i hope to see it with my own two eyes....won't we have a few laughs then!

Julia sagði...

Hallo Carola!
mmh, Deine Jaywalker sehen echt schön aus, aber sach mal, wo hast Du denn die Lorna's Laces her? Für einen arm and a leg bestellt? So wunderschön ich die Farben auch finde, ich kann mich echt noch nicht durchringen, sooo viel Kohle für Sockenwolle auszugeben.
Ist sie es wert?

Julia sagði...

oh, und gute Entscheidung mit der picot edge übrigens, das sieht viel besser aus als das original-Bündchen und das Zickzackmuster kommt auch besser raus... bei den nächsten mach ich das auch so;-)

Die Mata Hari-Socken sind auch ein richtiger Traum, ich musste mir gleich das Muster schicken lassen!

Liebe Grüße in den Schnee, hier ist alles schon wieder matschig:-(((

amanda sagði...

I love the picture of the bike in the snow. It looks so forlorn. How many months of the year can you actually ride a bike there?

Beth S. sagði...

These may be the best Jaywalkers yet. Those colors are incredible.

Steph sagði...

Those mittens are gorgeous! Some day I'll get over my fear of the thumb gusset and knit a pair. I love the pictures, that first one especially. The light is incredible. Makes me want to go for another visit so badly.

Knitter Interrupted sagði...

I just wanted to tell you that I have SO ENJOYED YOUR BLOG today after you left your comment earlier on mine. I love the photos you've posted. Brrr, does look cold!

Mittens are divine!

And that little doggie sweater! Ohhhhhhh I have a "grand-dog" that would LOVE that! Is there anywhere to purchase a copy of that? oh, wait, it probably isn't in English though is it?

Anyway, love your blog. I'll be a constant visitor now!

Katie sagði...

prettypretty mittens!! and prettypretty jaywalkers!! i love them!

Lolly sagði...

Thank you for pointing out Becky's sockalong. That looks like fun! Your Jaywalkers are so pretty. I love the colors.

I hope to be able to make mittens as beautiful as those one day. Well done, Carola! ;)

Say sagði...

Your Jaywalkers and mittens are beautiful!

Kathy sagði...

The bicycle picture is priceless.

I love reading your blog. love the knitting and love that you are so far from me, in Chicago.

Keep up the wonderful posts. You are on my favorites list.