sunnudagur, janúar 15, 2006

Socks? They come in pairs...

Isn't it?
This is not about the second sock syndrom, quite the opposite.
I've been in trouble for some while with my beautiful Lorna's Laces sock yarn. I complained before, 2,5 mm dpns do not work, nor do the 2 mm. This yarn is obviously made for US sizes, sigh.
See my sad attempts:
15 November 2005: Matahari socks by craftoholic (2 mm dpn)
LL first attempt
5 Januar 2006: simple ribbing 3k1p after a tubular cast-on adventure, previously seen here
LL second attempt

I was desperate. But then I saw the light. Respectively, remembered the good old saying never change a winning team. Well, here they are, my favourite sock teams.
Rib and Cable from Nancy Bush
LL first attempt

And now Jaywalker from Grumperina.
LL first attempt
[Excuse the crappy indoor/flashlight picture]

Not only does this pattern work with the 2,5 mm dpns, (which also speeds up the knitting!) - no! I was finally reassured after seeing the wonderful tigerish picot edge socksover at Amelia Raitte. Aren't those socks amazing? I am a little proud of myself for thinking about using the picot edging from November as a starting point for Jaywalkers as well. They will turn out great.

All this unusual enthusiasm comes probably a bit surprising, specially after this rather long absence from blogging. Hehe, it's all because there are finished objects to report here on sheepandnocity. Not today, be patient. I am fighting some serious hardware problems. But in all, 2006, after some troublesomeness in the beginning, seems to be an amiable year. Not only in terms of knitting.

But for those, interested in knitting news: Even here in Iceland the rumour spread that there is a new trend. Knitting! Ha! More precisely, the report was about a new (?) knit store/café in New York. A seriously hot place where people hang out for knitting and chatting together. With knitting classes for women AND men! Well, how exciting.. But it is, because they mention that this might be a good idea for Reykjavik as well. Since it is so hip and chic (of course, the usual quotes of Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman and alike knitting on the set) it is nothing the fashionable Icelanders will resist for much longer. You can see the short report (~20 sec) on the state's TV website. Just click here.

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jacqueline sagði...

i love your new jaywalkers. the picot edge is just gorgeous!! a perfect yarn/pattern combination!

Beth S. sagði...

What a great Jaywalker that yarn makes! :-)

emmy sagði...

I am so glad to see you posted. I had been missing my view of Iceland through your blog. It IS Iceland? I hope I am not confused again?! Loved the newsclip. I understood all of about 7words..New York, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and America.oops that is 8! I hope that this means more LYS for you!! I would love a knitting cafe around here but alas I am very far from NYC.

Love your Jaywalkers.It is a great pattern. I am working on a pair myself and love the way they are looking. They are my first socks on size 1's not sure of the metric equivalent.

amanda sagði...

The LL will make a fab pair of Jaywalkers! And I *love* the picot edge!

Judy sagði...

Isn't it funny that knitting is now "in"?? This is the first time in my life I've been ahead of the trendy people instead of lagging behind (or usually, not caring at all what they do!). Love that LL colorway, what is it? Looks like something my daugher would like...well, and me, too, LOL.

Nafnlaus sagði...

Carola, that was so funny to see two of the knitting stores that i go to Knit New York and The Point both have a great atmosphere and have terrific knit nites:-)
Karola (NYC)