þriðjudagur, janúar 24, 2006

sort-of achievements

What an unusual sight:

Yes. Me. Sewing.
It was time to get some curtains. Imagine a ground floor lodging with reasonably big windows. Imagine a latitude with problemtic lightening conditions: either you are vegetating in artificial light for the bigger part of the day, or (in the season they call summer here) you are trying to keep the sunlight out in order to catch some sleep. (okay, slightly exaggerated)

A rather strange compromise are these freshly purchased curtains from IKEA. Sounds easy.. You wish! Of course they had to be shortened, but the self-appointed design authority of this realm also ordered that they had to be a tiny bit narrower. Well...
I could cope with all of that, the tiresome curtain discussion, customising odd coloured pinkish-faded IKEA ready-to-go curtains nobody seemed to like anymore - but this was too much: Mr Good-taste-in-curtains peaked over my shoulder while I was sewing and c-o-m-m-e-n-t-e-d. And he was right! He taught me a technique that improved the outcome of my sewing enormously! I was simply stunned. The result are now some pretty neat curtains in a colourway that neither fits the room nor our taste but we have a good laugh looking at them (and they fulfil their purpose). Finally, I came closer to achieving one resolution for this year, and not only pulled I out the sewing machine, I even learned something new. From a person least expected but most loved and cherished. Can it be better?

Without further ado here the meme that has hit me twice (by Dorothee and Amanda). Go on, girls, and who else bothered to read until here. See my 4's

4 jobs you have had in your life

  • Stock-taking assistant in a DIY store
  • Press relations contact for a an energy stock exchange (vacation replacement...)
  • Teaching wine-classes in an adult education centre (that sounds like a hard job, huh?)
  • Programmer for intranet applications

  • 4 movies you could watch over & over

  • Sense and Sensibility
  • Brot und Tulpen (Pane e tulipane)
  • Some like it hot
  • The Big Lebowski

  • 4 places you have lived

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Cottbus, Germany
  • Leipzig, Germany
  • Reykjavik, Iceland

  • 4 TV shows you love to watch

  • Northern Exposure
  • The Office
  • Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister
  • Lost

  • 4 places you have been on vacation

  • Great Britain
  • La Corse (Corsica)
  • 'Scandinavia', such as Gotland (Sweden) and Bergen (Norway) as the places I liked most
  • Westfjords, Iceland

  • 4 websites you visit daily

  • hi.is (University of Iceland)
  • Der Spiegel online
  • BBC Radio
  • Bloglines

  • 4 of your favorite foods

  • Chocolate (have to agree with Amanda on this one)
  • (My) home-made Pizza
  • (Mr. Sheepandnocity's) Fish and shrimps curry
  • ALL food prepared on camping stove or fire place after a long hiking day

  • 4 places you would rather be right now

  • on vacation...
  • 'home' (if I would know where this is I would probably just go there)
  • on a sailing boat in the Caribbean
  • or infront of a cozy fire place

  • Since this meme is all over, I am not going to tag anyone.
    Need some cooling?

    5 ummæli:

    Lolly sagði...

    Good for you pulling out the sewing machine! I am hoping to do the same for some fun projects this year. I want to expand my crafty horizons ;)

    I love the BBC Office too - that show is so brilliant!

    Kira sagði...

    I agree with the homemade pizza and Fish & shrimp curry (made by MrKN in my case!).
    I haven't seen Northern Exposure for years, but I used to love it! I imagine the problems with summer light at night are close to your heart! Lucky you have your fancy new curtains!!

    emmy sagði...

    MMmmm Homemade pizza.Love.it.

    Nice job on the curtains.If you really don't like the color..maybe you could dye them...you know. Like yarn.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Often email won't let me reply back. I enjoy reading about your life there in Iceland.

    amanda sagði...

    Curtains, eh? You are such a domestic diva! And the wine job sounds dreamy =)

    Becky sagði...

    Those are some SERIOUS ice cicles! I admit I've never met anyone from Iceland before. Is it EVER warm there?

    I'm just out investigating (snooping) for Red Sizzling Socks!