föstudagur, september 16, 2005

Copy, reproduce, modify and show to others

I have been tagged by Jaqueline from the other side of the universe globe, Melbourne, Australia. Makes one wonder about the positive aspects of globlisation...

And why wonder only about one thing at a time?
I've seen these memes around for some time now but now being involved, I gave them little thought. More precisely, I did not care about the term meme. In case you are wondering too you'll find a comprehensive article in the never failing (but to be taken with a grain of salt) wikipedia.
In short, it has something to do with memorizing and imitation. I could go on forever - philosophising about cultural evolution - but advise you to rather do that yourself. However, I found this definition worth to be shared.
working socks with strange stripes

"The smiley exemplifies what some might consider a visual meme. Anyone who has seen a smiley can copy, reproduce, or modify it and then show it to others."
So finally, I will copy, reproduce, modify and 'show to others'.

1. Go into your archive.
2. Find your 23rd post (or 13th, modified by Jaqueline).
3. Find the fifth sentence (or closest to).
4. Post the text of the sentence in your blog along with these instructions.
5. Tag five some other people to do the same.

13#: "We had loads of sun, though bearable temperatures."

23#: "However, I had to check out the fitting of the toe this way anyway, because my pal's feet are smaller and I am knitting downwards (even if looks a little like toe-up)."

Quite a nice sum-up of my blog, I daresay.
a) talking about weather
b) fighting the impulse to put EVERYTHING into one sentence - and more or less loosing the battle.

Before I am too embarrassed about the latter, let's go back to the weather. Some of you shared this interest or at least politely pretended to do so. Quite a number of you expressed your pity. Right thing to do, I tell you! ;-) [remember, modify, reproduce smiley]
The following are the weather conditions for Reykjavik in a chart. Knitters love charts, isn't it? (At least I do, so you have to cope with it)
Average weather conditions in Iceland. [source BBC Weather]

Am I right? [sigh]
For the full horror more details consult this page (BBC Weather) ... or ask me...
You see now why Icelanders are not really concerned about global warming. But to complain about the local environmental issues... not here, not now!

working socks with strange stripesMy current knitting is consequently influenced by the sudden onset of winter. Welcome one new project. Guess what? Right, socks... I realised I do need a new pair of hard-wearing socks, suitable for hiking boots. I picked up the monster skein (150g) of [take a deep breath] Schoeller Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color (which I remembered thanks to the meme). As you can see, the striping effect is rather dubious. Okay, it is self-striping.. but not very sophisticated. And so are the colours. (No wonder that it is discontinued)
But I don't mind for:
  • the wool has a nice texture
  • the 6-ply will produce a sturdy and warm sock in no time
  • the boredom of the colour makes them the perfect reading socks
  • They will end up in boots anyway... hehe...
Watch them grow..
The amble socks both simultaneously managed the heel peak and are now on the final spurt to the home stretch.

Uhh.. I almost forgot to tag someone back.
That's so difficult since I don't know many bloggers. And this one is not really about getting to know each other, but rummaging in one's own blog. Or that was a misunderstanding on my behalf...
I will think about whom to indulge in self-adulation and meanwhile please just shout out in the comments if you want to be tagged.

Hey, has anybody noticed my layout changes!? ;-)

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Lolly sagði...

I found your blog through Jacqueline's, and I am so impressed by your lovely socks in your gallery. I have just started knitting socks myself, and am quite addicted. You provide some more inspiration! ;)

Pleasure to meet you--I will be back to see the progress on your current socks!

Kira sagði...

The new layout is great.... is this the winter version??
I am very impressed by the low average temperatures you have there! No wonder you need nice thick socks!

Tracy sagði...

I've just had a ball of 6 ply arrive in the post to give them a try. Even here, we like cosy toes!

Jacqulynn sagði...

I'm so glad Jac linked to you - your blog is great! And, I have to agree - even the most boring socks make great reading knitting (is that even a term?)!!

Wanda sagði...

I like the yarn you are using. That makes me want some. I may have to look for it, hmm. The self-striping is basic, but for some reason I really like the colors and it is appealing to me. Okay, enough with the socks.

I can see the design change, however, all of your sidebar stuff (on the left) is down towards the bottom now.