sunnudagur, september 18, 2005

The need to knit socks..

..becomes more urgent than ever.
Today was the day for a thorough investigation of my knitted socks. I noticed that almost half of the pairs look like this:

Worn sock 1Worn sock 2
Worn sock 3Worn sock 4

How sad. And of course my favourite socks are most worn out. I tried to recover one pair some while ago. Frogging, "refreshing" the yarn and knitting a new sock upside down. I am not convinced.. It is so much work to unravel the slightly felted areas and the yarn just looks worn, even if I cut out the worst parts.
Too much work for a rather unsatisfying result.
Isn't that an excuse to knit more new socks? To buy more yarn? And first of all to find a method to - if not avoid - at least postpone the problem? I think the jawoll method with reinforcing yarn is not working for me.
I tried the slip stitch variation some while ago on the blue anklets and it seems to work fine.

Blue anklet sockBoot sock
Any other ideas?

In case you are bored or depressed with my sad pictures now, I encourage you to visit some other bloggers! There's this meme thing going on and I tagged some knitters that are well worth visiting because they have beautifully designed blogs with amazing projects and last but not least are enjoyable to read.
So, go and visit Amanda, an old hand in the knitblog universe, who will have to dive deep into her archives.
Over at Kira's place you'll find well travelled projects at the moment and examplary swatching.
Dorothee's blog impresses with contests (yippieh, I "won" a yarn swap) and brain-teasing pictures of mysterious holiday locations. Uh.. I like reading about other places..
Have fun!

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Wanda sagði...

Are all of these socks made from superwash wool? I haven't had any problems with mine thus far, but who knows what will happen?

kimberly sagði...

Oh how sad!! Hey, just knit some new ones, I'm allowing you to go out today and buy some new yarn. Go girl!

Lolly sagði...

My my... I have no idea what to do in that situation. The slip stitch seems like it may be a good solution, or one similar to those footlets in one of the recent Interweave Knits (where the bottom is double-sided)

Good luck with it, and thanks for visiting my blog the other day! ;)

Renada sagði...

I wonder if you knit them tighter--say 8-9 stitches to the inch, if that'll work for future socks. I know a knitter that'll only knit socks @ 9 sts/".

Or, use this as your sock knitting and buying splurge!! I'm glad you're wearing your handknit socks. I usually feel like I should only wear them for special occasions, but then, no occassion is special enough--wait--every day is special!

Mitz sagði...

Hm, so sad for so beatifull socks.

I only see three different ways to handle these socks.

1. Take a unicolored yarn matching the socks original colors and fill in the weakareas + some stiches on the side and above and under. Follow the yarn, row by row, so the result looks knitted.

2. Take cut away the foot picking up stiches on the legs and knitt with new yarn a new foot.

3. Wear them as they are until dustbin is the only solution, :( , a sad end for a beatifull sock. try the alternatives above.