miðvikudagur, september 14, 2005


Clapotis swatchWinter's approaching, no way of denying it any longer!
Though the weather report still does... I don't believe a word they say - it is freezing. At least freezing cold. I started the day this morning with freaking 2°C (~35F) and you might add the windchill factor to your amusement. This is NO fun.
At least the sun is shining and I really like how the light changes if the sun lowers every day closer to the horizont. There is a special almost golden glow to everything and the long shadows are somehow gloomy - in a good way, if you understand what I mean. Since there are no falling leaves for a colourful autumn impression this has to do.
Well, at least I can use my first chill to introduce some knitted items that are not socks. Yes, I do ocassionally knit something else, but haven't got the time to show you.
To the right you see my favourite scarf. I'm almost ashamed to show it, with all the artistic models populating the knitting blog universe. But it serves me well and I had a lot of fun finding and adding all the different types of yarns in shades of black, gray and silver (mean novelty yarns among them). Being in a confessing mood today, I even admit that I didn't weave in all the ends - I knotted the strands together! The poor scarf also has to bear mashine washing and spin-drying. Shame on me.. But it has been a true companion now for more than five years!

The gloves down there [I love the mouse over effect] are an invention of a colleague. They look like mittens. But they are barely imposters! Since we have to use our fingers frequently in coldest weather conditions, she came up with a very clever idea how to improve the usual fingerless glove (wich leads to sore fingertips). The result is an open mitten that can be rolled up in a second, guaranteeing "fingerspitzengefuhl".

3 ummæli:

Wanda sagði...

Those are also called pop-up paws, for fingerless mitts with a cover for the hand.

jacqueline sagði...

i love those gloves! although i have to admit it is rarely cold enough to warrant them over here.

2 degrees celcius is pretty much the coldest tempreture it gets even in the middle of winter. it might fall to 1 degree...but rarely!

katie sagði...

Oh dear--and I thought Wisconsin was cold. Here in Indiana we're still having humid days in the 80's. Although I am ready for the weather to cool a bit, at least enough to appreciate a good sweater.