laugardagur, maí 12, 2007

Let's fly the flag

German flag cake
This Saturday is posing a serious challenge on the Icelander's national pride as well as Iceland's National Broadcasting Service.
First, there are the national elections which are of course always a big deal. People can give their vote to parties with illustrious names like Independence party, Progressive Party, the Icelandic Movement and what have you. I don't have the right to vote but I do hope that people will finally put a stop to the current interpretation - and worse - execution of "progress" or "independence". (Let me shortly remind you of inviting heavy industry on subsidised terms into this country, not regarding the loss and costs for nature, health and tourism. Or the former Prime Minister's "independence" in declaring Iceland a member of the "willing nations" in the Iraq war while the majority of the population does not agree with him. Another very progressive and independent move was surely to resume commercial whaling!) Moreover, I don't want to see the face of a certain foreign minister any longer. Even though I am not Icelandic, I am embarassed to see her lacking the fundamental skill for such a position: being able to communicate with representatives of other countries. Yes, I do think, this particular job description should read "being able to converse fluently in English".

But first, we will gather for the less serious part of the evening, the
Eurovison Song Contest
. Uups, I am only allowed to say that because Iceland dropped out in the Semi-Finals. Again! Last year, it was claimed that the Icelandic presentation had been too provocative and modern, hence Europe not yet ready for Iceland. This year, sending an elderly long-haired veteran of Eurovision Song Contest, presenting a schmaltzy hard rock ballade proved to be too old fashioned. Oh boy.

In order to oppose today's outbreak of Icelandic nationalism, I made this cake. Which was supposed to look a bit more like the German flag (black - red - gold), inside and outside. Damn food colours. They do work better on yarn!

German flag cake

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Guro sagði...

Too bad you didn't get to vote, I heartily agree with you on the need for a change in politics. My icelander here sadly didn't realise it was election day until the voting abroad was over.

Where do you get such good yarn?
By mail?

I tried to find a good yarn store in Reykjavik, but always ended up bying my yarn in Hagkaup in Kringlan. And all the yarn there was Norwegian.

Elemmaciltur sagði...

Trotz der Farbe bin ich mir sicher, dass der Kuchen gut geschmeckt hat. :-)

sprite sagði...

Yum! May I have a slice?

Cirilia sagði...


I am so excited about my very first comment from Iceland! I really hope to visit Iceland one day and I'm adding your blog to my bloglines so I can "visit" vicariously.

You're probably right about the swappers...and I totally forgot about my comment ban, it's just to prevent spam. I'll just sit tight =)

WandaWoman sagði...

At least the cake looks yummy, sorry the colors didn't quite turn out!

kelp! sagði...

I love that the color scheme of the cake center matches the outside! Looks yummy regardless of the colors - red and black are tough without tons of coloring.

Kathy sagði...

Oh those baby booties are so sweet. What baby wouldn't love them?

The cake looks wonderful. It looks moist. Makes me want to bake and cake.....