miðvikudagur, maí 16, 2007

The size of great things

See, sometimes, you've got things that are cute and they are tiny.

Baby booties

But sometimes cute goes XXXL.
Last weekend was the final round up of a French Art Festival (Pourquoi pas?) which had lasted since February. Obviously, it had to end with something extraordinaire. And so it did.
The Giantess
A huge marionette stamped through the city, incidentally looking for her father, the giant.
Papa Giant
He left hints and traces where to find him.
Stomped carKnifed bus
There's a knife in that bus!

It is such a funny idea and I was amazed that such a "simple" show can lure thousands of people onto the street. I mean, in times of Godzilla digitally remastered and all. It was literally great!
I think, for a couple of days you can still follow this link to see the news footage on the giant little girl's stroll through town.

But back to the little things. These baby booties are made out of scraps from Regia rainbow stripes I received from Judy in the good old sock scrap swap (September 2005!).
The design is by Dorothee from d.knit, you can find a link to the pdf file on her site.

Aren't they sweet? My new friend, the neighbour's kitten, thinks so.
Baby booties and kitten

I also have some normal size knitting to show. Long way back when it was time for
Toasty Toes
, I liked the socks I knitted for Cynthia so much that I decided to made myself a sibling pair.
Toasty toes Socks
Same pattern, same yarn (Kid Mohair/Merino Sock Yarn from Crown Mountain Farms) different colour ("More Teals"). They are almost too warm for May, even in our climate.

Talking about socks.. uhm, who is talking about anything else these days, anyway?
I have heard from my sockapalooza pal via comments but forgot to mention it the other day.
Hi Pal, thanks for reassuring me, there's somebody out there knitting for me!
There seems to be some confusion this time with the contacting part. All the previous rounds have been quite silent and secretive on this matter, haven't they? But with over 1.000 participants it is quite understandable that people get nervous.
Okay Pal. Your comment is very much appreciated but please don't feel like you have to contact me. I know it can be a bit tricky trying not to give your identity away or you might just not be the secret message person. That's okay. Because, I know you are there now and trust in getting socks in the end ;-) Thanks.
Before I take action in the sockapalooza business myself, I thought I'd sign up for a challenge.
Sock in a day buttonTo warm up, you know. I am going to knit a sock in a day! This sounds absolutely crazy just the right thing to do now that I am beginning to feel a lot better in my back (thanks for all your comments on this, you definitely sent some good karma!). Nonetheless, I am strictly advised not to do anything silly (like gardening or painting the roof for example, both in the top seats of the to-do-list). However, I didn't dare to ask my therapist if this challenge would be a sane thing to do in my condition. I am too afraid, the physical immobility might have had an impact on my brain.

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Liz sagði...

It may be just the right thing to do, but there's a good chance that it's also absolutely crazy ;-)

Love the finished socks!

dorothee sagði...

That looks like a really cool art show!
Thanks for the link, by the way. Did you like the instructions, were they okay to follow? Woo-hoo, now I can finally start my reader gallery!

Like your socks, I think the pattern nicely complements the color. Or the other way round. Well, they match! ;-)

Julie sagði...

At first I thought I missed something when all this Sockapalooza "why hasn't my pal contacted me" hullabaloo started. There must just be an influx of folks new to the exchange. Your booties are adorable (as is neighbor kitty) and I really love those teal socks. Lovely!

katie sagði...

The festival photos are fabulous! It took me a minute to see the knife in the bus. :) Good luck with your sock-day project!

Judy sagði...

Those booties are too cute! Glad you found a good use for the Regia stripes. I love the socks I made with that yarn, too...I call them my "Pippi Loudstockings" socks, LOL. Doesn't seem like that long since the yarn scrap swap though, does it?