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Across the ocean

He's coming home, he's coming home, he's coming, Leif is coming home.
Leif Eriksson's path

Leif Eriksson at shore
Leif Eriksson in facts
[click for a closer view of the inscription]
Leif Eriksson face
"face to face"

So, Leif Eriksson made it "back home". How come that I guessed to be one of his landing ports rather than say Vasco da Gama or Marco Polo? Hehe... The suspense was of course not to know when the vessel would arrive here. It did so last Friday.
Want to see what was inside?
Yarn Aboard goodies
Phoebe sent a bursting box full of goodies! !!!!
Yarn first: she included two skeins of Koigu KPM yarn in a beautiful silvery/grey shade. The absolutely stunning colour shines like silk and will be perfect for patterned socks. I love it! She also included a ball of Cascade Fixation. Super cool! My sister has this no wool! attitude when it comes to socks. Unfortunately, I don't enjoy to knit with cotton. But the elastic Fixation just looks like it fits the bill. Thank you, Phoebe, that was very observant. The icluded sock pattern looks very intriguing (Peak Experience Socks by Betsy McCarthy) and included on the page is an inch metre (great!) and a grafting diagram. I will finally be able to survive without an online connection.
The parcel was also packed with some chocolate extraordinaire (it took some time until I understood the concept of "whack and unwrap") and delicious citrus tea. Very thoughtful again, Phoebe, to include tea filters! It is not long since those were (if at all) only available in special tea/coffee shops over here and you almost had to buy them piece by piece (or more wish you could, given the price). Thank you very much, Phoebe!

peak into Yarn Aboard parcel going out
Here's a tiny little peak inside the parcel that I send off ..hmm.. back to "Vínland"? Who knows..

On other means, you have probably read that Iceland "is giving the finger to the international community" by resuming commercial hunting of whales. The hunting for "research" purposes already stirred up the discussion last year and I am getting kind of tired.
As much as the idea to kill whales might disturb me in general, I am also able to blend out my emotions here. The mere fact, these animals are bigger or supposedly more intelligent or "cuter" than others, doesn't neccessarily grant them a better stand than other animals, breed and hunted for feeding purposes. At least, I think, they are free roaming and apparently happy animals as long as they live (not regarding the increasing pollution of the oceans at this point). Something one cannot assume for the majority of poultry and pigs for example.
However, I cannot find a single argument in the official statements for resuming the commercial hunting.
I remember a poll from last year, revealing that 2% of the population had actually used the opportunity to be able to buy and eat whale meat again. I don't seem to find the source again. Anyway, make it even up to 20%. That's not really a pressing demand that has to be satisfied. Together with the fact that the meat is not at all selling as hot cakes. Quite the opposite. Even though being one of rather the cheapest meat you can buy, it fails to be a commercial success.
The other favoured argument leading the discussion is that of tradition. Well, traditions are not neccessarily a good thing and need to be revised here and then. Hundred years ago, girls were not allowed to go to school and I won't even go into topics like female genital mutilation.. but everybody would whole-heartedly agree here in interfering and stopping the corresponding nations in such behaviour. But nobody is allowed to even comment on the Icelandic "tradition" to hunt whales, which are by no means their "property" by the way. And then, there were other nations big in whaling, anybody remember "Moby Dick"?!
I, as so many foreigners, might just come about a little patronizing in this matter and You might find it interesting to read about it from an Icelandic voice over here.
I just cannot see the point of the Icelandic officials in bringing themselves into the spotlight again and again with highly controversial projects. The latest and biggest of course being the disastrous Kárahnjúkar dam, which eventually will lead to irreversible destruction (or if you prefer to have it neutral: "impact") on 3% of Iceland's landmass.
Think about this behaviour if you are considering a journey to a country that until now appeals to people mostly because of its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and unspoiled nature.

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amanda sagði...

you did such a great job of making him feel welcome! and the goodies phoebe sent were fantastic --enjoy!!!

Ashley sagði...

I LOVE the Leif box--what a cute idea! And the goodies--well, you've finally got a pair of socks worth of Koigu, and that is a day to celebrate.

Re the whaling, I agree that much of my opposition to it is probably more emotional than anything else, but honestly--any time anyone makes an argument for something because it's "traditional" that just sets off all my alarm bells. As you point out, traditional does NOT always equal good.

Bev sagði...

Fabulous idea of taking Leif pictures at points of Leif interest. Very cool. I thought it was so funny that you admitted it took a while to get the concept of "whack and unwrap". Sometimes us Vinlanders find the most complicated ways of explaining things. Lovely goodies!

canknitian sagði...

I'm so glad that Leif made it safely home from Vinland. I got a little emotional, actually, seeing the Leif box at the Leif monument. :)

Allison sagði...

Oooh, Koigu. What a nice pal!

Signe sagði...

I sent my voice! It is impossible, whats going on in Iceland?

Signe sagði...

btw the e/mail address is incorrect. I got the reply:

Sent <<< RCPT TO:siv.fridleifsdottir@umh.stjr.is
Received >>> 550 siv.fridleifsdottir@umh.stjr.is... no such user

Unable to deliver message to siv.fridleifsdottir@umh.stjr.is

************************ End of message **********************

Vinsamlegast athugið að upplýsingar í tölvupósti þessum og viðhengjum við hann
eru eingöngu ætlaðar þeim sem póstinum er beint til og gætu innihaldið
upplýsingar sem eru trúnaðarmál. Sjá nánar:

sprite sagði...

Thank you for sending Leif my way! Everything is wonderful!

Maggie sagði...

When I was up north the Finland students made me eat whale... it was ok... a little fishy but ok. I felt bad eating it the whole time though! I don't really have a problem with the Icelanders fishing whale (because unlike Canada they actually manage their fisheries quite well) Something about Shamu on my plate kinda creeps me out though!

Oh! And I started a new blog. Much more focused on my knitting if you want to check it out dispatchesfromhalifax.blogspot.com

Kira sagði...

When I saw this on the news last week, I immediately wondered what you would think of it.
Thanks for the link to the Iceland Weather Report blog that has put another side to the argument!