sunnudagur, apríl 08, 2007


Some socks are prettiere than others.
The transformation works as following:

STR lemongrass skein
STR lemongrass centerpull
broken bamboo needle
Elfine's socks
Elfine's socks

Pattern:..Elfine's socks by designer Anna Bell at My fashionable life

Yarn:.... .Socks That Rock from Blue Moon Fiberarts,
...................light weight, colourway Lemongrass


Heel flap instead of short-row-heel
...................Eye-of-Partridge padding in the ball section of the sole (see following picture)

.2,5 mm dpns, bamboo

I highly recommend this design! The lace pattern looks lovely is easy to knit (and remember) and very comfortable to wear. Last but not least, you will also find that the pdf-file has a beautiful layout and well written instructions.
I am so happy with these socks! - Happy Easter everyone! That is, if anyone can read this, since I still have issues with finding my own blogspost. Creepy...

Elfine's socks sole

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Julie sagði...

Those are just gorgeous and I love the EOP modification, brilliant!

Carola sagði...

Julie!? Are you still there? Can you read my posts??? I do have problem getting them up. They appear only on one of our PC's and don't seem to make it into the "real" internet. You can see them?!

dorothee sagði...

Baa! ;-)
The yarn looks like daffodils. And yes, I can read your posts too. Could do so in bloglines and in blogger. Strange that you can't... stupid modern techmology!

Lolly sagði...

The new socks are lovely! and very springy too. Are there signs of spring in Iceland now? or is it still cold?

Thank you for adding me to your sidebar!

WandaWoman sagði...

They are very pretty and springy socks. Your post actually comes through on the Internet just fine.

Theresa sagði...

I love the padding on the ball of the foot - that is so clever, since that's where it always wears out first. Lovely lovely socks.

Mia sagði...

I almost ordered that color and now I will have to. I love the socks. And I have not been having any problems reading your posts either.

Rachel sagði...

That color yarn is perfect for the pattern, and the socks turned out lovely. I hope that you are experiencing spring weather way up there!

Rennagayle sagði...

The socks are lovely. You may have inspired me to take the plunge and knit my first pair of non-plain ribbing socks. ;-)

I am glad to see you're back blogging again. I hope this means that you are feeling better!

clothesknit sagði...

I love them Carola!!! And the colorway is so gorgeous I just went and ordered a skein for myself...I have so little self-control :o)

Sigga Sif sagði...

They look wonderful!

Rebecca sagði...

Those are really pretty, I may want to make some from that pattern myself!

sprite sagði...

What a great idea to do padding on the ball of the foot! The socks are beautiful.

Teyani sagði...

those socks are lovely