mánudagur, apríl 09, 2007

An unexpected birthday

Editorial note: So I am back on the right track again. It was so very disappointing to have plenty of time to blog, writing post after post and nothing appeared on the net. My problem: I hat too much time. I upgraded to the new blogger software, tried ambitiously to try another blogsoftware and implement these posts into blogger plus changing my server for pictures. Yeah, well, never change a running system. Something caused a hick-up and while I could see the posts on my computer, they did not appear anywhere else. I found out, that I am not writing these posts just for myself ;-)
Now, everything is back to normal. Or so I hope.

First, congratulations to the birthday boy! As you could have seen in an earlier post, Willy is back! Today, he is one year old. An exciting one, no doubt.
In celebration of this event, I am going to share with you a pattern for a cat toy, which I called Catoy. Ingenious, isn't it?
Meet the toy in action:

[you know this, mouse over!]

Make your cat, puppy, guinea pig or any other loved one too - to get this look. You'll find the link to the pdf-file in the sidebar.
Willy and his toy

Unfortunately, the star of the party feels rather weak today, in fact he is sick. I think, he might have had a nibble on one of the flowers which came just out for the Easter Holidays.
First flowers of spring 2007
[Yes, it feels like spring even in Iceland now]

Not good for a little cat's stomach. Naturally, it is only I who feels bad about having to put him on diet and under house arrest on his birthday. He seems to accept his lot more or less. However, his resting places and behaviour simply spell indignation to me.
Wanna play?
[curled up beside the toilet]

Cliffhanger for today will be the progress on my Bloomin' Feet socks.
Shout with me "Uh, design, ah, plan B...."
Yes, I do promise knitting content!
The grand design

11 ummæli:

Ashley sagði...

WILLY! I'm so so so happy that he came home! Give him a hundred pats for me and maybe a sardine once he's off his diet--he looks so skinny, poor thing! Oh, Willy. Happy birthday little cat!

Mia sagði...

I am sure the stench in the place where he left is pretty good. Cats have their ways.

But happy birthday Willy!!!!

Did you have to give him a bath to get rid of the stench?

Cynthia sagði...

Carola, I am so glad he is back! He looks skinny but pretty perky the little bugger....if only they knew how much they worry us!

I love the sock and can't wait to see it take shape; it looks really good so far!

dorothee sagði...

Yay, Willy is back! Happy birthday to the little one. How did you get rid of the stench?
I'm glad your other posts are up now. I could only read the "Springlike" one; I hope the hiccup is over now! Good to hear from you :-)

Rebecca sagði...

Happy Birthday to Willy, so glad that he came back!!!! Yay!!! Cats are resilient like that.

Rennagayle sagði...

Poor Willy, sick on his birthday. :-( It looks as if his new Catoy (clever name, indeed!) is cheering him up.

Pretty sock toes! :-D

Beth S. sagði...

I knew he'd come back. :-) You must be so relieved! :-)

The new sock toe is gorgeous--I see leaves on a vine--so pretty! :-)

Silvia sagði...

Yay! Willy's back! He's so pretty and probably had a few adventures on his walkabout.

I think we've all been curled up next to the toilet at some time in our lives, so get well soon little guy.

clothesknit sagði...

I'm so glad he made it back! I can only imagine how happy you were to see Willy once again.

The Rose Quartz STR is gorgeous. I ordered some. I think there needs to be a yarn intervention soon! BTW, I thought the Elfine's socks were your BF socks...I'm so confused :o(

Steph sagði...

I'm so glad Willy made it back!
Those Bloomin'Feet socks are looking pretty cool.

Jocelyne sagði...

I'm glad Willy is OK.He looks like a baby lion with his toy!