fimmtudagur, mars 29, 2007

Warm and heart warming

I am bad, so bad - and you are all good! Or in other words, I am obviously an half-empty-glass person and all you sympathetic comments showed that there are plenty of optimists out there. Right you are!
Willy is back!

Willy is back
He came back last night, looking very peaky and being awfully smelly but nevertheless we couldn't stop cuddling him. Now he is very, very tired from his big adventure. He has most likely been locked in some place and was finally released or could escape last night. I don't want to think about the stench he left behind in the garage or cellar he was in...
Maybe I should read my hymn of praise to him for making him realise, how much I missed him. Oh, and cats have so many lives.. I will probably go through this many more times.
Gosh! Thank you all for your encouraging comments- you have been right!

For warming the feet, not the heart, I have a finished hot water bottle cosy now.

Hot water bottle cosy

Life feels good today.

edited 9th April 2007 PS: Is anybody able to see this post? Yes, finally they are!

3 ummæli:

Maggie sagði...

Oh thank God! I was so pessimistic because I have lost two cats to storms before. I am so happy that you are reunited with Willy!!

Also, when I made my bottle cozy it had little poky corners on it sort of like yours, but they came out when I washed it :)

Kat sagði...

Yay! Willy is home.

Elemmaciltur sagði...

I'm so glad for you!!!