fimmtudagur, júní 23, 2005

Strange allies' party

Whale and goldfish detail
See the trans-species allies celebrating?
One does not breath at all, the other has gilles... Can this have something to do with whales?

They are celebrating a victory (as Greenpeace is announcing it)
Japan was dealt a double blow today when the International Whaling Commission rejected its proposal to abolish a whale sanctuary and urged it not to double its quota of killing whales for disputed scientific research. (read here)

However one may think about hunting whales (and being used to kind of nasty discussions on this topic) there are just two things that I have to say to this today:
1. It is definitely bad attitude to argue infront of the commission the hunting is exclusivly for scientific purpose, but the same day, a fast food chain launches their new minky whale burgers.
2. I have great troubles when it comes to imagine one of my knitted toys being killed in real life. for a matter of fact, they only consist of whales and smurfs by now. That means I can spend all my sympathy on the whales. But let me know when they start killing smurfs for scientific reasons (or burgers)!

*For the record: The goldfish in the bowl is not mine. I wouldn't like to keep poor Goldy like that, but in my function as a fishsitter I am tempted to state confidently it will be okay for the summer holidays.

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