laugardagur, júlí 15, 2006

All-purpose lace (challenge #4) ...almost...

I thought I was for a change on time for this challenge. Well, not quite. What do Rachel and Theresa say: "If you bound off your lace RIGHT NOW - what could it be used for?I" and "Please exercise due diligence when dealing with many tiny unbound stitches". Unfortunately, my teammate DFS (Diamond Fantasy scarf) showed expeditious development and had to be unleashed already.
However, we are both happy to show you what kind of adventures are awaiting a young lace scarf on his first steps into the big wide world. Travelling it will be!
First, check out the car. DFS tested out the ride on top of the car and while he, nose edges in the wind and rollicking shouting out 'Mama, I can surf on a car', lace-mama makes a note to herself, 'roof rack stays in garage'.

DFS on top of car

While DFS is making friends with travel companions ('Hi, camping stool, how are you?') it was obvious to me that his hearty hug was not only an emotionally strong one.
DFS holding a chair

Yes, DFS, we are going to leave the car. What we are going to do? Uhm, fishing maybe?
Yes, the blue guy with all the holes to your right could be your cousin.
(HE's staying home, though,

DFS goes fishing

Since nobody is throwing a pretty young but damp lace scarf into a cooling box together with dead fish, he has to dry properly after having his 'dip'.
DFS here admiring our new house tent. The suspense of building it up for the first time is almost killing him...
DFS on top of a tent

I think he could be of great support drying smoothly just over here.
DFS as a strap

Ah, I'm looking forward to our trip. Unfortunately, it had to be postponed for a week because the weather was too bad.

No - please no sympathy NOW. That's actually the current weather situation, meaning good enough to leave town. BUT.. on the right picture you can see that this s in fact pretty much the average Icelandic summer weather!
Okay, I am off now for a week and in case you were seriously scared: Don't call the lace-rights activists. This was just a dry run.
No lace was physically harmed! I kindly offered unlimited refreshments after the photoshoot, while we discussed DFS talent for acting. This was followed by a light stretching excercise and some acupuncture treatment. I am confident, this will prevent any psychological damage in the long run and compensate for missing a real rainy outdoor adventure.

5 ummæli:

Laura sagði...

Too funny! If it weren't for that acupuncture treatment, I'd say you were an awfully harsh lace-mama! :)

knittingajour sagði...

Have a nice holiday!

Bryony sagði...

Oooooh, I'm surprised your team mate hasn't done a runner after all that :D Lovely lace though!

Rebecca sagði...

That was really hilarious.

Where are you going (did you go I guess at this point)?

Wanda sagði...

Love that DFS shawl/scarf. I had to order the pattern because of you. Hope you had a good trip.