sunnudagur, júlí 30, 2006

This is how I feel...

lazy cat

How convinient to have a mood-double*.
I am back from my small vacation which was very nice (pictures to come) and relaxing. Therefore no excuse on the stressed-out theme nor any other excuse for not blogging (let aside the blog-reading!). I have no idea what causes my fatigue, it would be very far fetched to claim exhaustion. Since I don't even want to think about - maybe we can agree on calling it laziness?

There are some socks on the needles. Really weird socks.
Regia bambooTrekking XXl

To the left you see the beginning of a socks knit in Regia bamboo yarn. [note to myself: a) remove the weed bin before photo shoot and b) check picture before uploading] I thought they would make nice summer socks. I chose an arbitrary cable pattern to resemble bamboo, smart eh? Unfortunately, the bamboo yarn knits up (and looks) excactly like cotton yarn, which I don't really like to knit with. At least, when knitting socks (and honestly, do I knit anything else?) it has not enough stretch. It feels nice, though.
The right side shows a Trekking yarn in a very peculiar colour combination (The colour is No. 1673 and untraceable online, therefore no link). It reminds me of mint and strawberry fudge. This would be the moment to remind my secret pals from the Yarn Aboard II and Toasty Toes swap of my colour preferences: no matter what I say/said, I'm up to change my opinion on colour any given day, so don't give a damn ;-)
I love this weird colour combination, although I have no idea what to combine it with when actually wearing the socks.

*In contrast to me, Willy the cat has a good reason for being exhausted. When we came home from our trip, the little one skulked in the hedge beside our house. Outside! A place where a 12 week-old kitten definitely shouldn't be in the middle of the night and nobody is at home. Our catsitter carelessly forgot to close a window and Willy dropped 2,5 m deep to finally find himself in unknown territory. This was only the beginning of the adventure.
Next day, three kids from the neighbourhood curiously 'investigated' our garden and peered into the windows. I thought this behaviour to be quite annoying after a while and shooed them off. Later in the evening they knocked at the door and asked if we own the cute little kitten they had been playing with the day before. Okay - so the kiddos were formally introduced to Willy and 'played' with him for some while. He is cute, he is so well behaved, no claws, no biting just purring - of course they fell in love with him. Resulting in daily visits from then on. Several daily visits! Culminating in knocking on the door 10 a.m. on a Saturday and after ignoring, knocking hammering on the sleeping room's window and shouting they want to play with the cat. While they are snatching him from the garden and playing with MY cat I don't even have to worry about rain. They just take him into their house and close the door behind him. That really made me furious.
Today, they only asked three times, each time arming themselves against my refusal to hand out the kitten with man power: finally six kids between 6 and 8 begged with big eyes to be allowed to 'play' with Willy (what translates to carrying him around like a doll, not the good old chasing-hunting games he would prefer). I'm a devastated cat mom! And probably to all the children in the neighbourhood the ill-tempered cat lady now. Gosh!

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Bettina sagði...

How good you found him - fire that cat-sitter! :o/ And how genuinly ANNOYING with all those kids, I'd have been so irritated that I'd have said something not very proper for kids' ears...if they do not take "NO!" for an answer...then were are the parents who should have taught them to accept it and more importantly to behave???

Liz sagði...

Almost makes you wish the kitten would scratch/bite one of them. They would drive me nuts.

I see myself in that lazy picture. I could've written what you said abour fatigue-exhuastion-laziness. That's how I feel about me all the time.

amanda sagði...

Those kids would drive me insane. Why doesn't there mom tell them not to bother you?

Sigga Sif sagði...

You should take pride in being the ill-tempered cat lady and next time come to the door wearing a bathrobe, with a cigarette hanging from your lips and a bottle of vodka in hand.

All kidding aside, these kids nowadays have no respect ;-)

Jill sagði...

My kitty who is approximately a year old loves to hunt his ping pong ball. He graciously endures the random hugs that we torture him with but it's all fair since he woke me up yesterday by throwing water on my face!

Maybe you could stare the kids straight in the eye and scream, "No! He's my kitty!" It seems to work with the little ones that I work with at my preschool.

Kelly sagði...

awwww how cute to have a mood double! ;)
Can't you just tell those kids he's chillaxing on the couch right now and doesn't feel like playing????
Great socks, love the pattern for the Regia!

Ashley sagði...

Poor Willy--what a scary adventure! I'm glad it all ended well. Except for the kids--I'd chase them away too :)

Beth S. sagði...

I love the cabled ribs in that Regia sock! You're giving me ideas... ;-)

Those horrid kids need to learn a lesson in courtesy. I strongly suspect they aren't going to get that lesson from their parents, however...

Wanda sagði...

Oh, my what adventures you have with Willy the cat and the neighborhood kids. I have scores of kids knocking on my door, but only to play with M2 and wanting to know when he will be back and I just want to hurt them, but that's for another time, I suppose. That's good to know about the bamboo. I thought it might be a nice yarn to knit with, but if it's like cotton, then I definitely wouldn't want to knit with it as I don't like knitting with cotton for socks either.