föstudagur, júlí 07, 2006

A lace, a gaze and a race

Was that the Summer of Lace for me?

Diamond Fantasy Scarf
The Diamond Fantasy Scarf (design by Sivia Harding) is finished. At least almost, two ends need to be woven in.
And I haven't participated in ANY of the so very much entertaining assignments. I am ashamed of myself!
But I am sure, there will be another lace project in the future. This project was so much fun. I sense hints of a lace addiction.
And since I bound off I qualify for challenge #4 and might just move from the stands to join the fun actively.

Meanwhile, I am happily knitting up my Socks That Rock yarn in Cobalt Bloom. Here's a glimpse because at this stage of the project I am not giving away details. Only a peek. But aren't the colours gorgeous?
Socks That Rocks, Cobalt Bloom

Last but not least, enter the new domain of technical tricks at sheepandnocity.
Today's lesson:
How to create a mouse-over effect

First of all, you need two pictures, preferably of the same size. They can only differ slightly to create only a tiny twinkling effect...

...create more motion with the mouse...

...or a David Copperfield illusion.

You will need include the following code into the HTML section of your post.
< img scr="picture_01.jpg" width="100" height="50" name="image_01"
onmouseout="image_01.src='picture_01.jpg';" >
Afterwards, you have to adjust the different templates to your needs.
Starting with the "name", you don't really have to change something here. Just be aware, that the "01" works as a counter. If you include another mouseover command one day (in another post) you have to count up (image_02, image_03). Or simply chose another "name".

For the pictures you have to give the entire source path (in case you are uploading them in blogger, you can see the path there if you go to the "Edit HTML" mode.
Look for something that looks like this:
href="http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/ (...) /sock.jpg"
Copy the whole address of the pictures into the appropriate places.
< img scr="http:// (...) sock1.jpg" width="100" height="50" name="image_01"
onmouseover="image_01.src='http:// (...) sock2.jpg';"
onmouseout="image_01.src='http:// (...) sock1.jpg';" >
Take care to include the picture you want to have on mouseover on the right place.
At last, change the size of the pictures (width, height) according to your image.


(This one works with Blogger. If you use another blog software and this does not work, you might want to checkout for example this page and try the codes there.

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Dorothee sagði...

Yay! Thank you!

Wanda sagði...

Cool, thanks for the html info. The Diamond Fantasy Scarf/Shawl is beautiful. What yarn did you use for it? Because of you(*wink, wink*), I had to buy this pattern. But it's great for that lovely sock yarn that's handpainted merino wool that I'll probably never use for socks.

amanda sagði...

Your DFS is beautiful. I saw it on your blog recently and HAD to buy the pattern...I've gobs of Cherry Tree Hill that I think will look lovely as lace.

And the Cobalt Bloom colorway is wonderful!

Teyani sagði...

what a great photo of your shawl - the shadow in the background is very cool - and the shawl itself is divine!

kris sagði...

the diamonds are beautiful! and so is the starting sock! beautiful, beautiful colours.

thanks for the mouseover tutorial!

Kelly sagði...

gaaa your finished already???? Man you are fast!!! Its beautiful and will be a great addition to your closet.

Steph sagði...

Beautiful DFS!

Theresa sagði...

No - say it isn't over!

Nafnlaus sagði...

Love that shawl!