þriðjudagur, apríl 04, 2006

A glorious messy post

The following might be the most chaotic and overloaded post but you know how it is - or with Goethe: excuse my long letter, I only had little time.

Spring is when life's alive in everything.
Some flowers didn't survive the last snow blow and others fell victom to pipe relocations in the garden (among other things for a faster inernet connection!). Fortunately, there are some left to celebrate the month April in Project Spectrum colours yellow and orange.

Button Project Spectrum April

On 1st of April I started a(NOTHER!) pair of socks in the recently introduced colourway Ottawa. They do remind me of the Easter holidays, probably because their yellow looks like all the little chicks we used to have for decoration. The brown stripe looked so deliciously like chocolate on the needles that I think I have to start a brown project soon. A huge one. A sweater?
Sock Ottawa
After I scared you last time with morbid pictures of the wildlife in my neighbourhood, this weekend featured some happier creatures.
I give you the Icelandic sheep...
Icelandic sheep
... and some Icelandic horses. Aren't they cute?
Icelandic horses
However, they were really scared because there was a serious fire just accross the street.Burning grass north of Borganes
Well, you can't really see something because it just isn't a spectacular forest fire. Far from that.. it's only grass and moss but the area covered with fire was twice the size of Reykjavik and the surrounding suburbs!
To cool me and you down another picture before we are back to knitting content.
Frozen waterfall

Yesterday night, a parcel arrived here with yarn aboard! Thank you, Becca! I am so very happy with everything you send!
Yarn aboard
Not only did she sent exceptionally beautiful yarn, Cherry Tree Hill, in a lovely and sizzling variation of reds. No no, there's so much more! Socks to wear while I am knitting - very clever - and who wouldn't like socks that display lighthouses and are somehow a picture postcard! And take a look at the cute sock purse and the little socks to protect needle tips. You cannot imagine how thrilled I am about the little sheep you see on the left side. It is this kind of toy you throw in water and it will grow within a couple of hours to some glibby monster size sheep. Happy childhood memories... I am a lucky girl!

Can you stand more yarn pictures?
Somehow I never came around posting a picture of some rocking yarn (Socks that Rock) I got from Amanda (thank you so much again!)
Socks That Rock
And here's another picture of some yarn I'll soon have to say goodbye to. Hard to part but I can always scroll back to this post, which featured Cherry Tree Hill, Socks That Rock, Lorna's Laces and Regia. Woohoo...
Lorna's LAces Flames

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emmy sagði...

I love a nice newsy post and yours was perfect. I have been wondering where the YARN ABOARD box was and now I know!! It is so much fun to watch its progress.Great sock "stuff" from Becca. Love your socks and the pics of the Icelandic sheep and horses!

Leah sagði...

You have been all over the red here lately. I love the yellow/brown socks. Very PS!

Jenn sagði...

I can't believe it....I just bought that same STR for you. Last time I got you something, someone else bought the same knit picks colors.

I am determined to get a box of stuff for you that you have never had!

Stephanie sagði...

Again with the beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing your beautiful country with us. :)

Julia sagði...

I've just had another 'great minds think alike moment';-) I've started 'Alberta' this weekend. Same brown.
AND I've been thinking about a nice dark brown sweater a lot, too:-)

Risë sagði...

thank you for posting the pictures of the sheep and horses and landscape. Someday I hope to return to Iceland and see it again in person.

Beth S. sagði...

Ponies and sheep, flowers and yarn... what more could you ask for? :-)

Is that Cherry Tree Hill colorway called "Foxy Lady"? It looks very much like a skein I've got, except yours has a lovely little touch of blue (or is that purple?) in it.

Anna sagði...

I LOVE the landscape pictures. So beautiful! And what wonderful sock yarn!

amanda sagði...

Oh you got some lovely stuff from Becca! Is that CTH in Old Rose? Or maybe another red colorway I guess.

The Frog Prince is looking at blogs with me and he just looked and said, "Titty yarn!"

titty=pretty. I swear!

emily sagði...

I think your sky may be bigger than the sky here. Such breathtaking spaces - I was almost distracted from the sock yarn. What splendid colors!

Lolly sagði...

What a lovely blog post! Amazing pictures all around! The new socks are really knitting up nicely as well.

I already wanted to visit Iceland, but after seeing this pictures, I want to come even MORE!

Nancy sagði...

Thank you for the lovely pictures. I leave for Iceland next Friday so they are making me even more excited and impatient! I wonder if I can fit one of those sheep in my luggage;)

alison sagði...

How exciting that the box made it back to you!! Isn't this whole thing sooo cool. Love that Socks that Rock yarn and the Cherry Tree Hill too. Beautiful reds!

Kelly sagði...

oooooohhhh beautiful sheepy! Can you send me one???
Your new ottawa socks are great! What yarn is it, I am just loving the colourway.

Kathy sagði...

Can you ride those little horses? I am deathly afraid since my sister was thrown from a horse named CHARLIE BROWN years ago. She broke a rib and had a kidney contusion.

I would trust a little horse. Do you know if they can be ridden without hurting them?