sunnudagur, febrúar 05, 2006

Welcome, dear Sockpal!

I am so happy about the next round of SockapalOOOza!
Everybody got his/her sock exchange partner now and I was surprised to find out that I already 'read' my sendout-sockpal [Hint?] - out of over 600 participants!

But stop! This post is exclusively for my sockpal.

- Welcome -

Because: after receiving my instructions, I realised that it is possible to write those instructions in one, two sentences [Hint?] - and still say as much as I did in an essay. So, dear sockpal, don't be confused by the flood of words that reached you. Now I'm delivering hard facts. If you click on the following links, you will find the lengths of my feet, the circumference of my ball and the one of my span and still another probably helpful measurement. And again, I probably sounded far more complicated than I really am!
All these measurements are in centimetre and in case you need to convert them, I find this page quite helpful.

Please do excuse the more than crappy quality of the pictures. It was quite some struggle to take them. Of course I intended to take them outside, in bright daylight, but unfortunately it started to rain... what made it slightly difficult to jump around on socks, while adjusting the measure tape and taking a picture at the same time. Good for me, I was too busy to check if any neighbours peaked through the curtains. Hence, the rest of the pictures was taken inside (after changing socks), with flashlight, because within minutes it had started to snow and dark clouds covered the sky. Iceland might have only two seasons (dark and bright) but it sure has plenty of 'weather'!

2 ummæli:

Laura sagði...

I must say, your send-out pal is in luck. All the socks in those photos are gorgeous. That's why I had to click the links. I knew you'd be wearing cool socks! :)

Lolly sagði...

Have fun with the exchange, Carola!