fimmtudagur, febrúar 09, 2006

'to agnise'*

On the airport
Passing idle time on the airport I find myself
a) thinking that it seems to make much more sense to ease waiting with knitting than squandering money on slot machines - in spite of not being the one whom they cheer for.
b) wondering if, would it be ever necessary to identify my body by dint of my clothing, the one or other observant visitor of this blog would be able to do so. (Mittens, socks, anyone?)
Yeah, that's me on an airport. Feeling slightly nervous and somewhat morbid... You don't want to know what I am musing about when I am actually in a plane - or worse - in the air!
So much for justification of the above picture.
What is hidden in all the blurriness: I casted on for a new sock. Of course it is not the Sockapaloooza sock for my sock pal. I wouldn't dare to begin THEM in such an unceremoniously manner! But prepared for all eventualities, I happened to have a parcel from Germany in my metropolitan luggage: sock yarn and a new set of dpns. As you can see on the modest progress on the picture, it made sense to cast on. And why not, there are other socks beside the sockapalooza sock, like for example the Red Hot Sizzling Socks.
Red? you might ask.
I can hear the Hot? uttered in disbelief and finally followed by a doubtful whisper ....sizzling?
I was also dissapointed at first. The yarn (Trekking XXL) looked much more promising and red in the skein than it turned out in the sock. Until I saw it in bright light!

Check this out!
Trekking on rosewoodWoohoo!
Feel it sizzling?
And see the needles? They are made of rosewood and arrived here thanks to my favourite online yarn (and supplies) seller Marianne. (2,25mm, the European answer for tackling Lorna's laces sock weight)
Introducing the noble art of knitting... But stylishness has its price. Though delightful to look at and touch them, knitting with these beauties only works in slow motion. Doh! Apparently someone thought it would be clever to apply a non-slip coating. Luckily, it seems to wear off quite fast. However, in simple stockinette stitch a certain progress can be observed within reasonable speed.

No achievements on the sockapaloooza front other than having maybe decided in favour of this yarn:
Lorna's Laces 'Irving Park'
Lorna's Laces Irving Park
The name quite naturally inspires associations that are either way rather bookish and/or relate to the park theme. I see a mansion, your ladyship jaunts through colourful flowerbeds, the handsome son of the house recites poetry on the terrace and unseemly flirting with the maidens who are fixing the lady's delicate stockings. But maybe Miss Marple is just around the corner, about to intrude into the putative calmness only to discover unexpected misdeed...

Back in real life again, I have almost finished the Child's Placket Neck Pullover.
Child's Placket Neck Pullover

I should mention that a revised version of the pattern is available (originally from 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts')

*L. agnoscere: to recognise, to realise, to acknowledge, to be fully aware ...
..of writing a rather ludicrous post

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Say sagði...

The child's pullover looks exquisite!

Wow, rosewood needles? They make your knitting look very elegant.

You also might want to try casein needles if you run across them. They're wonderful for sock weight yarns.

Ashley sagði...

Carola, I love your Irving Park free-associating. Can't wait to see the sock you come up with.

amanda sagði...

Trekking socks will be sizzling my dear! And the Irving Park, your ladyship, mansion on the hill---picture perfect!

Lolly sagði...

Trekking never ceases to amaze me. I *love* that yarn. That is definitely red. and definitely hot. maybe sizzling (!) :)

I have some of the Irving Park colorway for a pair of socks too - my mom actually loves that color, so they will probably end up as gift socks for her. It is a pretty mix.

Cute pullover!! I still have not decided whether to do this one or another cardigan for a baby...

Hope you have a good weekend, Carola ;)

kris sagði...

how are the rosewood needles working out for you? are they very bendy?

everything looks very spiffy - socks, yarn, baby sweater. have a great trip whereever you're going!

alison sagði...

Loooove the rosewood needles. Someday, I hope to have a few pairs of my own!

The placet neck pullover looks lovely. As does that Lorna's Laces. Yum!

Wanda sagði...

The placket neck pullover looks beautiful. What beautiful sock yarn you are knitting with!

Scoutj sagði...

Oh that Lorna's Laces is beautiful!

beck sagði...

Yes those definately look SIZZLING! Use wax paper on the ebonys. It'll slick them right back up like new!

Judy sagði...

Trekking is always a surprise when you knit it, that's what makes it such fun, I think!

Love, love, love that Irving Park colorway!! Lucky sockpal!