þriðjudagur, janúar 31, 2006

1/12 done

I wouldn't be the one to announce spring in end of January..

Restless flowers
.. but something else does!

Though this does not mean that winter is over, the Peaceful Palms Knitalong comes to an end now. Thanks, nona, for hosting this season's highlight.
I accomplished not what I aimed for but something else instead: I 'designed' my very own fingerless mittens AND wrote a pattern - for you. Check out this post for more information and download link!

Knitting in the bus
Otherwise, knitting is on a steady uprise here. Maybe triggered by the news report on knitting being hip in NY, people finally believe and feel obliged. (That's how it is: if somehing is approved by the Americans then it is cool here, too) Look what I spotted in the bus the other day. A girl knitting in public. Not a very transportable project, but a h-u-g-e blanket in garter stitch. Funny though, she knitted all rows as purl rows. Since I have never seen Icelanders knitting, I don't know if it is the common practice or just an individual's peculiarity.
It seems that some extra energy of 'going with the flow' went into my knitting and I proudly present another finished object.

Mohair Baby Booties

These are the Angora Baby Booties from 'Last-Minute Knitted gifts. Not in angora but in mohair, even a rather expensive one from Colinette yarns. A purchase that lingered in my stash for too long after I gave up the idea to knit a lace shawl in mohair yarn - without having ever knitted lace before and without a pattern! Boy.. stupid me. The Baby Booties however worked fine.

And while you still dwell upon the booties, I casted on for another baby knit. They are so rewarding! Not alone do they knit up fast and look incredibly cute, they are also a nice giveaway because the recipient does not have a say ;-) This one is going to turn into the Child's Placket Neck Pullover from the same book.

restless flowers

I'm all into small projects at the moment (has it ever been different?). Eris is on rest for some time now and there she will remain. More urgent for now is to onuer some socks. Both, already started ones and future socks to come (shh... Sockapaloooza!, Red Hot Sizzling Socks!) I also seriously have to join another Knitalong.
Why? you might cry out and try to slap me before I can hit the 'join' button. Well, have a look:
yarn gifts from Wanda
I got mail! My blog-friend Wanda awarded me with a 'little prize'. So her words. This is generousity beyond conveivability! I am drowning now in a selection of the most wonderful yarns (and candy!) While Wanda providently included some patterns, this is by far not enough to deal with all the yarn. Delicious! They are scheduled now for comprehensive one-by-one meetings for me to listen to them what they want to become. What's your skein? Thank you so much Wanda!

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Susan sagði...

Wow! That's a prize and a half!! What a great load of goodies :)

Wanda sagði...

You're very welcome! Part of it was the prize, the other was a reciprocal gift from the lovely box you sent me over the summer. Also, I left out one ball of yarn that I will be sending you a bit later. And I had another pattern to send to you as well. I'm glad you liked everything. I will try to send you an email in the next couple of days. Things have been hectic on my end.

Laura sagði...

Wow! Nice goodies! I am glad that you are doing Sockapaloooza -- I looked for you on Alison's Frappr map, but didn't see a flag in what I thought was Iceland. (I swear, I know where it is! I'm not one of those Americans! LOL!) Cute baby projects, too.

Rachel sagði...

Holy crap, that's a little prize? It looks like that will keep you busy for a while (like you needed any help with that, right?) Those baby booties are great, especially since they are nice and bold rather than "baby" colors.

Lolly sagði...

Those little booties are so sweet! I love the colors ;)

Wow, Wanda really spoiled you! That Noro is amazing, as are all the rest. Lucky Carola!

Cheryl sagði...

Love the booties and the Colinette yarn! Have just found your blog and am missing Iceland. Thanks for the photos.

Risë sagði...

Hi Carola, I just found your blog today and am thrilled to read an Iceland based journal. I lived in Keflavik in 1975 (ex was in the airforce there) and would love to visit there again someday.

That's some box of goodies Wanda sent you. Has any of the yarn told you yet what it wants to become?

Signe sagði...

Greetings from Estonia!
I was looking some blogs from Iceland and finally I found:).

I was in Iceland in 1998 and I love lopi wool. I made a sweater of Lopi and it is so warm that I can wear it couple of times during winter here:). But it was mandatory in Iceland where there weather was extremly often changing:). We were there 30 days and it was the best time in abroad I ever had.
Icelanders are wonderful!

Mini sagði...

Hi! I read your blog all them time and I wanted to let you know about the LMKG placket sweater:
GOOGLE: corrected version of LMKG placket sweater (it's available at purl Soho.)... it's just easier than trying to adjust the #s in the 2nd edition.
PS_I went batty trying to work out the maths on my own for that one!

Rebecca sagði...

I saw some lady knitting at the counter at Sundhollin Barónstígur but she was older so maybe that doesn't count.

What sort of flowers are those? I tried asking my Icelander boyfriend if you guys had bulb flowers when telling him someone here told me krókus hennar er kominn út and he had no idea. Boys.