laugardagur, febrúar 11, 2006

Little daffodils

Look, aren't the little daffodils adorable? To think they should come out of the
in Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence

Narcissus jonquilla

.. or out of the flowerpot.. Good thinking to save the bulbs the other day and granting them a warmer home. They rewarded me with turning into cute mini-daffodils (they'd grown to normal size last spring!]

While the whole knitting universe goes crazy out there, my weekend is going to be very relaxed, starting like this: Choxie for breakfast! Additionally, there's the excitement of the Yarn Aboard! box kick off. Thanks, Amanda.

Breakfast in bed

And yes, I will be there anywhere, somehow...
watching from the stands
I found this button among trillions of other beautiful buttons for every imaginable knitting affiliation here.

12 ummæli:

Julia sagði...

Cute daffodils! They seem to get a lot of sunshine from the reflecting snow;-) Nice socks, btw, I just bought the same yarN:-)
I'll steal the button, too- that's a little more positive than mine, hehehe.

Laura sagði...

Choxie for breakfast, with coffee I see! Now that is the breakfast of champions!

Yay, I have some good company in the spectator seats at these (Knitting) Olympics. That's a nice looking sock you have going there, too.

amanda sagði...

I'm a spectator too! So I'll bring the beer if someone else will bring the snacks :O)

alison sagði...

Hooray for radio box and drill box!

And I'm just spectating for the olympics too. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one not participating. :)

jacqueline sagði...

you know, the fact you are seeing daffodils means that spring is on its way for you...and we are heading towards winter.

although, i have to admit to a certain fondness of the cool crisp winter air. that said - our winters are much milder than yours.

Wanda sagði...

The sock looks great. Spring is definitely not on its way here. We had snow on Friday and frigid temps today and for the weekend. Which is fine with me, since our winter has been pretty mild this year anyway.

Steph sagði...

I love the design of that milk carton and the chocolate too!
And the button, hehe, my sentiments exactly.

Cheryl sagði...

I think D.H. Lawrence wrote "Lady Chatterley's Lover" and H.P. Lovecraft from horror/fantasies.

Nafnlaus sagði...

Oh, the daffodils are so lovely - a true sign that spring isn't that far away anymore - fortunately! Best wishes from Austria!

Dipsy D. sagði...

Oh, the daffodils are so lovely - a true sign that spring isn't that far away anymore - fortunately! Best wishes from Austria!

Lolly sagði...

The daffodils are so pretty! thanks for sharing that little bit of spring.

Yep, no Olympics for me either.

Lovely sock progress ;)

Julia sagði...

Hallo nochmal, Carola!
Sach mal, mit dem Trekking XXL- da steht doch auf der Banderole: 'Wir empfehlen, wechselweise mit zwei Knäuel (sic!) zu stricken.' Wie meinen die das bloß? In Streifen? Wie breit wohl? Als ob ich für ein paar Socken 2 100g-Knäuel kaufen würde... aber wie das dann wohl aussieht?
Apropos 2 Knäuel, Du hattest doch hinsichtlich der 2 Socken auf 2 Rundstricknadeln-Technik gemeint, dass Du für die in der nächsten Zeit geplanten Socken eh nur 100g-Knäuel hättest. Ich frag mich, ob man dafür das innere und äußere Fadenende eines Knäuels nehmen könnte? Oder würde sich das ohne Ende verheddern? Fragen über Fragen, über die ich mir gerade den Kopf zerbreche;-) Hast Du irgendwelche Lösungsvorschläge?