mánudagur, janúar 09, 2006

The show is over

Finally, Christmas* is over and so is my little contest - time to announce the results.
Boy, was this contest fun! - and - Gee, am I certain to not host another one too soon! Or at least only a scientific one like 'guess the diameter of this lint' or 'estimate how many skeins of xxx I need to span the distance from my doorstep to the nearest corner shop'. It was really hard to decide in favour of a winner because everybody really sent in hilarious pictures.

Last supper by http://www.whitecorolla.com/wordpress/However... my congratulations go to Katie from Straying Power! I cannot link to A winning post nor even point out a favourite for she is blessed (or cursed?) to spend the Christmas season in a sort of illuminated Bibleland, so it seems. Quantity meets quality in her countless posts and you will be torn between the decision to find these illuminations amazing or preposterous. Loads of pictures, go there and enjoy!
[btw, has anybody seen the Brick Testament?]

As promised, another beneficiary will not have to rely on my taste in excrescences, but my mixing skills.


In result, Kira from Knitting or something like it will too be purloining my PRECIOUS heartily invited to choose a skein of sock yarn.

Thanks again to all participants, it has been great entertainment for me and hopefully for you, too.

But it hasn't only been spying time here at sheepandnocity. Boldly ignoring my new year's resolutions, I casted on for another project. Any idea what this is?
What about another contest? ...Okay, just kidding. This is a close-up of Corded, a purse designed by Grumperina and featured in one of the last Magknit issues. What funny 'yarn' (Noro Daria).

CordedTo make up for the bad, bad unauthorised cast-on I am about to tackle a fish skin project. To be honest, so far only the skin and scissors have met. The plan is to stitch this little fish (fish out of fish skin: how subtle..) on the Sophie bag. Being kind of an idiot amateur in sewing, I don't dare to start perforating the skin because: I don't know what stitch would be appropriate, if and how to insert some filling and last but not least I am still uncertain about the colour combination. NOT the fish and the bag - don't confuse me! But the thread for the stitching. Contrasting or matching? Looks like some time should be spend on surfing crafty blogs. And of course your suggestions are welcome, too.

* I was willing to add something on the whole Christmas thing, incorporating pagan Yule lads, elves and the three Magi, but have to postpone it to another time (next year?)

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Steph sagði...

Great idea for the bag. I've never touched fish skin, so I don't know how brittle/sturdy it is for crafting, but I think a matching thread would be lovely. I tried applique once and realized that my Thai silk piece needed some serious fusing to hold up and not wrinkle.

katie sagði...

Thanks! I'm glad you had fun with those posts--I had fun capturing them. And yes, I've seen the brick testament--love it!

Lolly sagði...

Congrats to K - I had fun with the contest, Carola! I think it was a really unique idea ;)

Great knitting with that Daria! I have a skein of that in my stash...

Dorothee sagði...

I'd go for a matching thread color, because the fish skin and the bag color are contrastive enough. But for how the stitching to do... I have no idea.

amanda sagði...

Wowsa...that yarn for the new bag you cast on is odd...almost looks like metal chain in the picture. How is it to knit with?

And matching on the fish.