fimmtudagur, desember 15, 2005

Santa Claus is coming to town

Blurry Santa

Santa Claus illuminated by the electrical burglar alarm? Well, he is a bit early...
[If you click on the picture, you'll see him better = not so blurry]

Admittedly this one is not so cool. It is merely a reminder.
I'm sure you can do better! So be on the look-out, a camera might come in handy, too - I'm waiting.

My appologies for not updating on my knitting. The simple reason is, there has been none. But this arrived:

Knitted gifts

How long I longed for this book... I'm so excited to see the fabulous hourglass-sweater, woohoo.
The skeins are just another reminder of the contest.
Here are in short the rules again:

A picture of a tacky Christmas installation or a funny moment (I liked the description from Katie of Santa's rest. Too bad she couldn't take a picture of him)
a) it must be local (photographed by you, no web findings) and
b) it has to make me gasp in embarrassment me smile
c) you will only have time until next year! (Deadline 31.12.2005)

Good luck!

4 ummæli:

Jenn sagði...

I posted some holiday crap-tacular pictures today - enjoy!

Kira sagði...

I have had this great contest on my mind today, but I was just not in the right area for the really over the top decorations. The people near us that used to decorate their house incredibly (badly) seem to have moved! You will definitely be hearing from me, just not quite yet!
Oh and can we send as many as we like, or should they just be the best (or worst)?

g. sagði...

enjoy that book, so far i've made several things from it. great idea for a contest, I'll keep my camera handy as we drive down to my parents house for christmas and see if i can't come up with something good...

amanda sagði...

hey Carola! I posted a pic of Santa in the swamp this morning. Looks like he is drunk and fell on his face in the boat. One of those odd things I saw while driving the Princess home from school yesterday :O)