miðvikudagur, desember 21, 2005

The deer's dance

I'm not sure how widespread is the fact that the Icelandic population only consits of a paltry 350.000 people. Not a known fact is however that they - up to this day - managed to polute their own country with over 4.000.000 Christmas cards! 4 millions! Which makes almost 12 per head. Of course this perfuntory calculation inlcudes the vast number of children, who naturally do not send out those. The average seniour in the TV news was just about to send out 50 cards when interviewed and expected to receive many more.
Since I am somehow involved in this madness, there has been no time for knitting. My arms turn into uncontrollable limps after a 10 hour work day and my neck and shoulders are so tense that I can barely move. Photographing, that is what I am still able to do.

Christmas decoration

[Let your mouse move over the picture below]

Though this moving version of Rudolph definitely qualifies for "Christmas excrescences" it looks actually quite nice. At least when it brightens up the shortest day of the year. I might withdraw from this statement once the sun has gained some power again.

I want to remind you of the CONTEST!
I am proudly presenting a discovery from Jenn, a hilarious gathering of romping teddies. You have to see this!

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Liz sagði...

I love your contest idea. I've been keeping my eye out for crazy Christmas decor.

I got the sock yarn you sent in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much, that was so sweet of you to do. Just goes to show how nice we knitters are. I've already dyed it, I should have some pictures of it up on my blog by tomorrow. Thanks!

Laura sagði...

I also wanted you to know Carola, that I have been on the lookout for Christmas excrescences. But I don't know how I will ever beat Jenn's romping teddies. Damn!


Lolly sagði...

I have not found anything particularly crazy yet, but I am still looking too ;) I need to carry my camera with me at all times...